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We’re moving to our new domain!!!

July 9, 2009

So exciting, we have finally matured from a blog to a website! I feel so grown-up! Please don’t desert us, follow this link and we’ll continue where we left off…


Nissan Outdoor Extreme Games 2009

June 30, 2009

We normally keep a close eye on the Nissan Extreme Games, but were obviously so busy writing on other things that Interlaken 2009 slipped by with no comment from us for which we apologise. However, it’s never too late to make up for past omissions and  show you the high quality of both competitors and film producers… following this teaser from  OutdoorGamesTV.

Nissan have been innovative in the extreme sports world and were the first to realise that an original event concept was needed in this growing sector of the market.

Because extreme sports have become more and more fashionable over the past few years, the event organisers came up with a concept like no other – 5 teams, 5 sports and a 5-minute film.

The task for the five teams is challenging: to produce a five-minute short film in seven days including five outdoor sports in the Interlaken region.

Rather than pushing the limits in outdoor sports, the Nissan Outdoor Games again reveals that certain subjects can be addressed within a sports film. The themes represented in the 2009 films go from the meaning of life and death, profound feelings as well as harmony with nature.

Extreme sports challenges have been taking place in Interlaken now for 5 years. The Games are an important event for adventure sports and film making. For a week, the best kayakers, mountain-bikers, climbers, paragliders and base jumpers combine with film makers and photographers to share their adventure in the mountains and to battle  it out for prize money of Swiss Francs 70,000.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, General Manager of Nissan’s Marketing Communications in Europe, says The Nissan Outdoor Games allow athletes to express themselves in the most awe-inspiring way, whilst thrilling the public by capturing their exploits in a five minute film. Nissan is once again proud to be supporting the Outdoor Games and together we are working to increase participation in an active outdoor lifestyle and a sustainable engagement with the natural environment.

Enjoy these incredible hang gliding sequences filmed by Austrian film team ‘Argon’ (orleyflo)

Marvel at Anthony Green’s 10-second death defying  misting by the falls (acrotwinz).

Enjoy Swiss Team, NBFlyer’s, film for which they received the Jury’s Special Award as well as the Best Sports Sequence for its climbing scene with Cyril Albasini. (OutdoorGamesTV)

And we end with the winning film from Team Golgoht of Finland who received the Golden Peak Award.

The Finn, Petri Kovalainen from the Golgoht team, won the Best Photographer award as well as the Game of Light Award by Julbo.


Wingsuit flying – why not!

June 27, 2009

This looks just amazing. Fabulous video and for once too short! Thank you imexkorea for sharing it with us:


An update on the Banff Mountain Film Festival

March 2, 2009

You might remember that way back in November I did an article on the wonderful Banff Mountain Film Festival. This annual festival is right down our street – fabulous films on the great outdoors and extreme sport.  I promised to bring you the updated schedule on screenings for Europe as and when it was published.

Kindly the Banff Film World Tour co-ordinator  alerted us to the following screening dates around the world… not all are in at the moment, but those that are, are in Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland.

A brief reminder as to what the Banff Mountain Film Festival is all about… enjoy this fabulous video from TheBanffCentre, with thanks.

The current available screenings can be seen in the following countries on the following dates:


Adelaide:                    Venue: Mercury Theatre
May 26, 27, 2009

Brisbane:                     Venue: Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts
June 2, 3 & 4, 2009

Cairns:                           Venue: Cairns Civic Centre
June 5, 2009

Canberra:                    Venue: James O’Fairfax Theatre
May 13, 14, 2009

Hobart:                         Venue: The Plenary, Wrest Point Casino
June 18, 2009

Launceston:             Venue: Earl Arts Centre
June 17,2009

Melbourne:               Venue: RMIT Capitol Theatre
June 9, 10, 11 & 12, 2009

Perth:                            Venue: The Playhouse
May 19, 20 & 21, 2009

Sydney:                        Venue: Seymour Centre
May 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2009


Eisenerz:                     Venue: Innerberger Gewerkschaftshaus
April 23, 2009

Innsbruck:                Venue: Congress, Saal Tirol
March 26, 2009

Klagenfurt:                Venue: Messe Klagenfurt
March 28, 2009

Liezen:                         Venue: Kulturhaus
April 18, 2009

Salzburg:                    Venue: Sporthalle Alpenstrasse
March 27, 2009

Vienna:                       Venue: Hauptuni, Audi Max
April 16 & 17, 2009

Vöcklabruck:         Venue: Stadtsaal
March 21, 2009

Waidhofen Venue: Plenkersaal
an der Ybbs: April 2, 2009

Wolfurt:                     Venue: Cubus
March 20, 2009


Portillo: 2009 dates to be announced

Puerto Natales: February 12, 13, 2009

Puerto Varas: October 8, 9, 2009

Santiago: October 1, 2, 2009

Torres del Paine:February 16, 17, 2009


L’Argentière: OIS Communauté de Communes du Pays des Ecrins
la Bessée: January 9, 2009


Augsburg: Venue: CinemaxX
April 25, 2009

Berchtesgaden: Venue: Kino, Kur- und Kongresshaus
March 19, 2009

Berlin: Venue: Globetrotter
March 26-28, 2009

Bonn: Venue: Lichtspiele Stern
April 20, 2009

Braunschweig: Venue: CinemaxX
March 24, 2009

Dresden: Venue: Theater Wechselbad
April 7, 2009

Essen: Venue: CinemaxX
March 31, 2009

Frankfurt: Venue: Cinestar Metropolis
March 23, 2009

Freiburg: Venue: CinemaxX
April 2, 2009

Garmisch- Kongresshaus/Olympiasaal
Partenkirchen: March 21, 2009

Hamburg: Venue: CinemaxX am Dammtor
April 21, 2009

Hanover: Venue: CinemaxX
March 25, 2009

Karlsruhe: Venue: Filmpalast Schauburg
April 23, 2009

Köln: Venue: Globetrotter, Olivandenhof
April 22, 2009

Mannheim: Venue: CinemaxX
April 1, 2009

Munich: Venue: Forum
March 20, 2009

Nuremburg: Venue: Loewensaal
April 29, 2009

Pforzheim: Venue: Kulturhaus Osterfeld
April 8, 2009

Rosenheim: Venue: Ballhaus
April 28, 2009

Stuttgart: Venue: CinemaxX Bosch Areal
April 24, 2009

Ulm: Venue: Xinedome
April 27, 2009


Livigno: Venue: Telemark Club, Livigno
March 31, 2009


Fort William: Venue: The Fort William Mountain Film Festival
March 13, 2009


Basel: Venue: Casino
April 18, 2009

Bern: Venue: Hotel Kreuz / Saal Holder
April 17, 2009

Luzern: Venue: Verkehrshaus
April 19, 2009

Naters (Oberwallis):   Venue: Zentrum Missione
April 16, 2009

St. Gallen: Venue: Adlersaal
April 14, 2009

Zurich: Venue: Volkshaus
April 15, 2009

If you wish further information in any of these countries, please refer to the following list and the relevant email contact details.

In Australia, please contact:








And, if you live anywhere near these screenings, make the effort to go see the films. I am sure you will find it time well spent. Extreme sport in all its exotic, bewildering, fantastic, nerve-wracking, exhilarating beauty….  Hope you get the chance to see them. Sadly the only screening in France is MILES away from where we live – like 7 hours or so, so I was unable to make it, but would love some feedback from anyone who does get to one of the venues.


2009 Nissan Outdoor Games – extreme

February 20, 2009

The second edition of the Nissan Outdoor Extreme Winter Games are happening right now in Chamonix.

5 international teams of extreme  sporting professionals have, this week,  been climbing, freeriding, BASE jumping, wingsuit flying and paragliding their way around the valley in an attempt to make the most impressive extreme sports short film.

Do you know what the Nissan Outdoor Games is all about? Here’s a quick video from OutdoorGamesTV to remind you…

The films will combine the skills of the individual athletes as well as the creative talents of the film crew that they work with.

Chamonix, the death-sport capital of the world as it has been described in the past, is the perfect backdrop for Nissan’s second games . This quote, from someone who lived in and loved Chamonix many many years ago, personifies Nissan’s quest:

“The great object of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even        though in pain; it is this craving void which drives us…” Lord Byron

The results will be displayed on a giant screen in the Outdoor Games Village  in the Tourist Office square today, Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st February, and prizes will be awarded for Best Sport’s Sequence, Best Photography and Jury’s Special Award.

There will also be an opportunity to talk to the experts themselves or try your hand at ice climbing, slack-rope walking and the climbing wall.

On Saturday there will also be two air shows combining BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, speed flying, acro-paragliding and hang gliding. The first one will take place at mid-day on the Aiguille du Midi and the second will be above the Grands Montets ski area at 3pm.

Cham will be at her best – difficult when lovers of Chamonix say she is ALWAYS at her best, but Cham has it all this weekend, and with the fantastic snow conditions that Europe has had this season, this year’s films should capture some amazing images of the valley and surrounding regions.

This was the Ride The Planets winner last year, again thanks to OutdoorGamesTV for posting it:


An interesting wingsuit flying report

January 6, 2009

Following my last article on extreme sport and my supposition that it’s probably wingsuit flyers and basejumpers who live the closest to the edge in the extreme sport field, I came across this interesting report on wingsuit flying. I know we’ve shown several wingsuit flying videos before but this is another good one. Hope you enjoy it, thanks to wingsuitflying for posting it.

We ran several stories on Jeb Corliss several weeks ago (starting the 13th November). If you want to know more about him and his extroadinary career please page backwards! One day we will make this site more simple and user-friendly I promise.


The wingsuit landing project

November 17, 2008

Inspired by the flight of a flying squirrel Jeb Corliss will attempt to be the first man to land from a wingsuit flight without deploying a parachute. Although details of the landing structure are top secret we do know that Corliss is going to have to master the art of precision flying.

Jumping from an aircraft Corliss will reach terminal velocity, about 120mph, and then aim for what is called a ‘gateway’, which is further described as 20 feet by 20 feet, no other details have been released. He will need to be controlled and accurate as he does intend to get up, walk away and do it all over again.

If successful it will be a fist for mankind; at the moment Corliss is practicing his flying proximity skills and control of his wingsuit whilst airborne, and attempting to raise the $2.0 million required to build the landing structure.

We will keep you posted of any developments – below is a video from wingsuitflying of Corliss’ preparations

And the inspiration – here is a short clip from moconservation of the flying squirrel, which as the commentator says ‘don’t really fly, they glide…….the only mammal to truly fly is a bat’………maybe it was Bruce Wayne who first truly inspired Corliss!