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A Round-Up of the ISA World Surfing Games

October 20, 2008

The ISA World Games are over and the first Asian Beach Games are just beginning – it’s all go in the water sports world. However, before we rush on to the next event the results for the ISA’s are:

World Champions
: Australia – 17.238 pts.
Silver: USA – 14.284 pts.
Bronze: Brazil – 12.610 pts.
Copper: France – 11.819 pts.

Australia won the team event for the third year running and their fourth gold – quite a record seeing that these games have only been going for 7 years! The delighted CEO of Surfing Australia, Mark Lane, said “I think the secret and one of our team goals is all about having fun while we’re here, to be laughing all the time… It’s a great feeling to win again. It’s really a hard week to watch and go through every heat. You’ve got to deal with disappointments. You feel everything and when you come out of this and win, it just feels great.”

CJ Hobgood from the USA won the Open Men’s competion. “It feels so good right now. I had to compete against three Aussies that I have a great respect for. It was a really good final with me and Joske going back and forth. And coming towards the end, I didn’t know if I should sit on him or not. But I knew that if he would’ve caught a wave and got the score, an opportunity that I might not have again would’ve been lost. It’s a great feeling. These opportunities don’t come back too often so to take advantage of it. It is amazing!”.  Thanks to  gothicsessions for the video of Hobgood, (but not from Costa de Caparica I’m afraid…) and the slightly ‘gothic’ ending!

Sally Fitzgibbons from Australia won the Open Women’s event putting her in the record books once again. She is the only person ever to have won both the ISA Junior World Championships and the ISA World Championships in the same year. “I was lucky to get some waves. Conditions were really difficult and all the girls were surfing really well. This is an amazing contest with an amazing atmosphere. I am definitely the happiest woman on earth. I just couldn’t imagine a better year”, she said after the final heat. Thanks to roxy for this earlier video.

Marcus Lima of Brazil won the Bodyboard Men. “I just can’t believe it! I am not even the Brazilian Champion and now I’m a World Champion! I am so happy.” Natasha Sagardia from Puerto Rico won the Women’s event. “I can’t stop crying! I’m super excited. I don’t know if this is real! This is crazy, I was just thinking, please God let me get the right waves and surf like I know. This is a dream come true. I’ve been working so hard to be here, I can’t even believe it,” she said. This was also the first time Puerto Rico has won a gold medal in the ISA Surfing Games.

Matthew Moir of South Africa won the Longboard championship for the second time in a row. “I’m so, so stoked. I never thought I would have the chance to win two years in a row. I had a great support from my teammates at the beach. That was amazing, I just can’t believe it,” he said. He not only won the final of both events – he has actually won every heat he entered at Huntington Beach 2006 and at Costa de Caparica in 2008. That’s quite something. Thanks to  pacificall for the video:

And the Aloha Cup was won by France who took the gold medal, Portugal got silver, Costa Rica Bronze and South Africa copper.

Well done to everyone.

The event was epitomised by the sportmanship that was shown at all times between the competitors. In the closing ceremony, ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said “This is a show of surfing but is, most importantly, a show of brotherhood between the nations of the world. In the last heat of today for the Open Mens division, we saw one US surfer and three Australians. Their surfing in that heat symbolized the World Surfing Games and the ISA spirit. It could’ve been very difficult for one guy surfing against three of the same nation, but they all surfed together with good sportsmanship,” – and, as you will have seen from the above results, the  lone American, CJ Hobgood won the event.

After he was awarded the Gold Medal, CJ thanked International Surfing Association President, Aguerre: “I would like to thank Fernando for his tireless job promoting surfing and for organizing the Games. This is a great and unique event.”

… and so on to the next games … Asia didn’t I say?


ISA World Surfing Games – Day 5

October 16, 2008

Day 5

“At this stage of the event the level of surfing is so high that it comes down to who gets the best waves,” says New Zealand coach Cory Scott.

Costa de Caparica : photo courtesy ISA

A busy day today – the following heats will take place starting at 8:00 a.m.

Open Repercharge 2 and 3
Open Main Event 4
Women Surf Main Event 3
Women Surf Repercharge 2
Bodyboard Men Repercharge 2, 3 and 4
Bodyboard Women Main Event 3
Bodyboard Women Repercharge 2
Longboard Repercharge 2

The main attraction yesterday were the final heats of the repercharge. The Open Men´s Round 2 was held in two foot waves, and the tide finally forced the Contest Director to suspend the final heats of the day.

Here’s a video from  SURFDWV . No surfing, but you can meet some of the contestants…


Day 4 at Costa de Caparica, Portugal

October 15, 2008

Day 4 has dawned and the ISA World Surfing Games are well underway. The wave action has been smaller than anticipated but this hasn’t lessened the competitive spirit that was running high by the end of the third day.

Yesterday saw heats for the Surf Open, Surf Ladies, Bodyboard Open, Bodyboard Ladies and Longboard.

There have  been some outstanding performances from newcomers and youngsters who are determined to keep the older generation on their toes.

The heats for the Ladies Surf were highlighted with a superb performance from 17 yr old Australian, Sally Fitzgibbons.

Fitzgibbons, who won in Costa de Caparica at the World Junior Surfing Championship last year, produced the highest combined scores in both her first and second round heats, 14.17 and 15.00 respectively. The Australian easily made it through to the finals.

The talented youngster said,  “It’s good to get in the water today. We’ve had a couple of days off watching the boys in other divisions. Conditions all through the day are very contestable and it’s pretty hard now to pick those high scorers. All the girls are surfing really well and just hope to keep moving through a couple more rounds and have a little but of fun. I’ve been feeling good and the Aussie Team too!”

Fitzgibbons is the reigning ASP World Junior Champion and has already made ASP history by securing enough ratings points on the ASP World Qualifying Series to qualify for the 2009 ASP Women’s World Tour… well before this season’s halfway point – a feat that has never been accomplished before by any surfer, male or female.

Sally Fitzgibbons : photo Steve Robertson

Tamaroa McComb, a 16 yr old from Tahiti, is also giving his competitors in these Games something to think about. He was crowned ISA World Junior Champion in the Under 16 division five months ago on the French coast and his talent ensured that he was selected for the Tahitian Surfing Team as an Open surfer – despite his age. The gamble paid off – he posted an 18.17 score in the third round.

“I was a bit lucky to get the good ones. It was kind of hard out there since the tide was high but I just sat on the side and waited for the rights and they just came to me. I tried to do airs and carves,” McComb said, and commenting on his first time surfing for the Open Tahitian team, he said, “I heard that the Federation wanted me to come here, and I wanted exactly the same. It’s amazing to surf with the pros and push my level up.”


Maritime police crack down on kitesurfers in Formosa, Portugal

August 1, 2008

After several accidents occurring in the estuary this year, Maritime Police have prohibited kitesurfing and windsurfing as a preventative measure, much to the displeasure of the sport enthusiasts.

The high-speed sports have been causing problems to vessels crossing the estuary and many other injuries have occurred due to these adrenaline fuelled sports. Two days before the document prohibiting the sports was issued (July 9th), a woman was almost decapitated and a few weeks prior to that a windsurfer hit a small boat and was taken to Intensive Care at S. José Hospital with serious injuries, where he remains to this day. These are only two examples of the several accidents that have taken place in the Formosa Estuary.

The Maritime Police say they do not object to the creation of “areas to practice these sports as long as safety measures are taken.”

Watching what these guys get up to in this YouTube video by casaisi you might understand the Formosa police might have a point but is this not yet another example of people being told what, where and when to do something? Come on guys – give us a break.