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Kite Surfing in Canada

January 30, 2009

“The potential for kite surfing is mind blowing!”
Don Montague, Naish Sails

Well here we are – back on the subject of kite surfing again. It was kite surfing that originally got us started on this blog. Fast growing and simple to learn, kiting is one of the newest and most rewarding adventure sports out there, but in time the lure of other extreme sports proved too much and we broadened our field somewhat.

however, they still talk of kite surfing being the newest adrenaline sport taking America by storm. Europeans have already been hit hard by the kitesurfing bug. Some say it is the newest water sport of the millenium…

I know, I know – it’s not THAT new. However, it has taken a while to grow in popularity.

“LET’S GO FLY A KITE….” – remember that song? how long is it since you watched Mary Poppins, or did you ever watch Mary Poppins? not that it matters much, it’s just that kites have grown up a bit since those halycon days…

Although it is still mid-winter here, and probably frozen and bitterly cold in Canada – I decided to choose that country, and its wide choice of kitesurfing, kite skiing, kite snowboarding and kite mountainboarding, as my topic on this bright, sunny and crisply cold morning…

Canada has two coasts – the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Great Lakes, and  hundreds of  small lakes which makes Canada the perfect year-round kitesurf playground – despite their extremely cold winters. Remember, if you don’t fancy braving the freezing waters, all  you need do is swap your kiteboard for a snowboard or skies – or even blades to make the most of the frozen lakes and huge areas covered in deep winter snow.

Of course, the fact that canadiantourism dropped a broad hint that I should go and have a look at the following video of kitesurfing in New Brunswick, had something to do with this article too!

Shippagan, on the mainland, and Lameque, an island just off the coast in northern New Brunswick is said to be one of the best kitesurfing locations in Canada. The regular wind, the deep-water lagoon, and the warm water of the Baie des Chaleurs give perfect condtions for learners and keen participators of this sport.

From New Brunswick to Newfoundland … why not?  Would you ever have thought of kitesufing in such cold spots? But you can, and you can also discover the freedom of kite-skiing or kite-snowboarding in total synergy with the wind. Deer Lake, however, is a 50km stretch of water that separates the Upper and Lower sections of the Humber River. It offers some great recreational potential and is often used by canoeists, kayakers, boaters, windsurfers and kiters – beware of errant golf balls from the nearby resort though!

Slowly making our way west, we come to Brittania Bay near Ottowa where you can rely on experiencing this region’s strongest winds. They are generally north-west and this allows for some excellent kiting and surfing. In fact, they have perfect conditions for kite boarders and windsurfers who launch from a special 2nd beach at the end of a long rock pier. The waters are quite shallow on either side of the pier, allowing beginners to wade in shallow water.

We shall now take a rather large step across the interior of Canada and come to another halt in the Rocky Mountains – Canmore, Alberta to be exact. this is the home of kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snow kiteboarding, kite skiing and mountainboarding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They look at the combination of the above sports as a ‘lifestyle’ and are keen that others view them in the same favourable way.

Alberta is perfect for round-the-year kitesurfing. They, too, have  numerous lakes to choose from and lots of windy days during the summer. Kitesurfing in the winter,as you can imagine, is ideal:  miles and miles of snow-covered terrain and if you head up to the ski areas – no need to buy a ski pass.

In my rush across Canada I did rather step over the Saskatchewan. I hope you can picture, in your mind’s eye, the vast acreages that reach out to the horizon in every direction. Now give all this a coat of snow and imagine the fun you can have. And in summer you can exchange your skis or board for all-terrain rollerblades or a mountain board and keep that adrenaline pumping.

There is also Lake Diefenbaker – 125km south of Saskatoon. Lake Diefenbaker is a reservoir shaped like a T with a dam at each end. Water levels change depending on the season and beaches can be big at times making it the perfect place to learn and upgrade your kiteboarding skills. You can come in and land almost anywhere along the 300km shoreline. Diefenbaker is a premiere kiteboarding destination for all levels of kiters and is well worth a trip.

And of course, across on the west coast is British Columbia. Not only do they have the ocean but they also have plenty of inland lakes and reservoirs and, too, the Okanagan valley which is Canada’s California, a beautiful region of fruit trees and lakes. Kitesurfers in BC have a choice of ocean, lake or snow kiting. The world’s their oyster.

Remember that kitesurfing is a unique experience for real adrenaline lovers and people who wish to try something different and exciting!

And just to remind you that this is not a tame sport, watch Sebastien Cattelan break the world speed kitesurfing record on 3rd october 2008, thanks to ikraal for posting it, and congratulations to Sebastien.


Sawtooth Mountain Film Festival & Film-Making

March 14, 2008

On 7th and 8th March Sawtooth Mountain hosted its ninth adventure sport film festival and screened a fantastic selection of international and local films. The festival was originally designed to generate funding for the Boise State University and has become an annual sell-out event.

The film festival is designed to expose the community to a wide variety of adventure sports and draws a broad deomographic of outdoor enthusiasts typically spanning the ages from 8 to 80 !

Viewers were able to see films on such various topics as white water rafting, skiing, snow kiting, mountain climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, snowboarding, skate boarding and many others.

According to a film by J. Clive Jordan, snow kiting is one of the most “earth friendly” activities that can be practiced leaving a nearly invisible carbon footprint! and all this while you enjoy the power of the wind, big air, and miles of untracked powder!

This year Boise even added a daytime rail jam event to complement the films and encourage more participants to come. The mountain came to Mohammed in the form of 5 semi-trucks filled with snow! The rails, jumps and party atmosphere brought out competitors and spectators alike.

So, do you have aspirations of making your own sport films?

If so, you might like to know about Peter Chrzanowski. Peter is an adventurer specializing in high adrenaline action/adventure documentary films, dramas and photo-journalism. As a film-maker he has 25 years experience and is a major content producer with new media. He founded Extreme Exploration in 1983 when he attended the Simon Fraser University for Film and Communications.

On the 13th – 20th April you can attend an intensive week-long adventure ski and snowboard film-making course being held at Whistler in conjunction with the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival (TWSSF). This gives the students plenty of different activities they can shoot.

The pre-requisites are simple – you need to be an upper intermediate skier or snowboarder with relatively good cardiovascular fitness!

If you are interested you need to jump around – the workshop is limited to 10 students and the course costs $1,072 which includes lift passes, meals and accommodation.

So, here are two addresses for you.

If you are interested in the film-making course contact:

And if you are interested in submitting a film for the 2009 Sawtooth Mountain Film Festival, contact:

No cost is required to enter a film, but the entries must be submitted to the Boise State Outdoor Program by 1st December 2008 and should range from 3-20 minutes. The top 20 films will be selected and shown at the festival as well as the Sawtooth Mountain film Festival traveling tour which will be presented at university campuses throughout the country.

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