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We’re moving to our new domain!!!

July 9, 2009

So exciting, we have finally matured from a blog to a website! I feel so grown-up! Please don’t desert us, follow this link and we’ll continue where we left off…


Nissan Outdoor Extreme Games 2009

June 30, 2009

We normally keep a close eye on the Nissan Extreme Games, but were obviously so busy writing on other things that Interlaken 2009 slipped by with no comment from us for which we apologise. However, it’s never too late to make up for past omissions and  show you the high quality of both competitors and film producers… following this teaser from  OutdoorGamesTV.

Nissan have been innovative in the extreme sports world and were the first to realise that an original event concept was needed in this growing sector of the market.

Because extreme sports have become more and more fashionable over the past few years, the event organisers came up with a concept like no other – 5 teams, 5 sports and a 5-minute film.

The task for the five teams is challenging: to produce a five-minute short film in seven days including five outdoor sports in the Interlaken region.

Rather than pushing the limits in outdoor sports, the Nissan Outdoor Games again reveals that certain subjects can be addressed within a sports film. The themes represented in the 2009 films go from the meaning of life and death, profound feelings as well as harmony with nature.

Extreme sports challenges have been taking place in Interlaken now for 5 years. The Games are an important event for adventure sports and film making. For a week, the best kayakers, mountain-bikers, climbers, paragliders and base jumpers combine with film makers and photographers to share their adventure in the mountains and to battle  it out for prize money of Swiss Francs 70,000.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, General Manager of Nissan’s Marketing Communications in Europe, says The Nissan Outdoor Games allow athletes to express themselves in the most awe-inspiring way, whilst thrilling the public by capturing their exploits in a five minute film. Nissan is once again proud to be supporting the Outdoor Games and together we are working to increase participation in an active outdoor lifestyle and a sustainable engagement with the natural environment.

Enjoy these incredible hang gliding sequences filmed by Austrian film team ‘Argon’ (orleyflo)

Marvel at Anthony Green’s 10-second death defying  misting by the falls (acrotwinz).

Enjoy Swiss Team, NBFlyer’s, film for which they received the Jury’s Special Award as well as the Best Sports Sequence for its climbing scene with Cyril Albasini. (OutdoorGamesTV)

And we end with the winning film from Team Golgoht of Finland who received the Golden Peak Award.

The Finn, Petri Kovalainen from the Golgoht team, won the Best Photographer award as well as the Game of Light Award by Julbo.


How to hang glide part 3 – for Nicholas Cage

April 4, 2009

We are now ready for take off and again we have turned to for their excellent instructional videos. As you will appreciate if you have been looking at our blog over the last couple of days these videos are posted mainly for daredevil actor Nicholas Cage who is threatening to strut his stuff in the air rather than on the stage so we hope they are appreciated.

Launching or take off is all about getting the nose of the hang glider at the right angle combined with speed of air over the wing so you are literally pulled into the air as expertvillage demonstrates.

And here expertvillage talk about launching in a light wind, stalling and diving.

Ok so we are now in the air and although we published the video below from expertvillage  in our first blog about how to fly a hang glider a couple of days ago we have included it again – just in case you have forgotten about turning, stalling, increasing speed – its all about the centre of gravity and what your body position will mean to the centre of gravity and therefore how it will affect the flight of the hang glider.

Landing – oh yes an important element – speed, angle, approch – you’d better get it right but this expertvillage video should help.

And to finish off this series of blogs on hang gliding we have posted another video from expertvillage on what you might need to take with you – the hang glider, harness, helmet, warm clothing and of course to start with, your instructor.

Thats about it for the time being – we are very grateful to expertvillage for their videos and if you want to learn more can we suggest you visit their website – the link for which follows –

We hope you have fun and Nick, if you are still there, we would love to hear how you get on in Switzerland.


How to hang glide part 2 – for Nicholas Cage

April 3, 2009
Yesterday we reported that Nicholas Cage is keen to learn how to fly a hang glider and so with the assistance of we have posted a few videos which we hope will get you and Nicholas up into the air.
We start by learning  how to set up the wings – its not a big deal but does of course have to be done in the right way but as the instructor tells us it is difficult to make a mistake. 


OK so your hang glider is ready to fly – the next lesson from expertvillage demonstrates where the centre of gravity is and what this means when you shift your weight from right to left and therefore what it does to the angle or flight direction of the hang glider. We are still not in the air in this video but it is important to understand the theory.

Right now for control of the hang glider before take off – again from expertvillage – and don’t think you can skip out on this lesson – as we are told until you can demonstarte control of the hang glider which is supported on your shoulders whilst standing, walking, jogging and finally running, without looking at the ground and without tripping over, being blown over and losing you balance you ain’t going nowhere. 

We think that is enough to absorb for one day Nick as we presume you have some lines to learn and dare we say it – you are not really Superman!!


Nicholas Cage in a rush to go hang gliding.

April 2, 2009

With news that adrenaline junkie Nicolas Cage is planning to take a break from acting to become a hang gliding pilot we thought he might like a few tips. Cage who is currently in London whilst filming  is desperate to get his wings and has discovered it takes just two weeks to get a licence in the Swiss Alps.

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Well we thought we would provide a helping hand with the video below from rbonvent which is the United States’ Hang Gliding Association production of how to fly a hang glider. Cage has apparently hit a snag – he can’t get insurance to cover the high-risk sport – but we suggest with the proper instruction this need not be the high risk sport that many would have you believe.

Watch the USHGA’s instructional video below – it will give you some confidence.

Cage is no stranger to adrenaline-fuelled activities in the air. He starred in airborne drama Con Air and then played a helicopter pilot in Fire Birds. The actor is also said to be obsessed with Superman, and even gave his son Kal-El the superhero’s birth name on Krypton. After the premiere of Superman Returns, he said: “Each night I have dreams that I’m flying. I’m a real good floater in my sleep.”

Thats OK Nick but this will be the real thing – you simply cannot afford to make a mistake – take lessons from properly qualified instructors and as we have said on numerous occasions about every different kind of extreme sport – you must take your time in learning the art of what you are doing – please don’t rush Nick and remember this is the real thing – you are no more than Clark Kent!


Hang gliding tragedy in New Zealand demonstrates the paradox of this extreme sport

March 10, 2009

We were very sorry this morning to hear of the hang gliding tragedy that resulted in the deaths of two men in a tandem hang glider which crashed near Queenstown earlier today. But it is the danger of this sport which sits along side the beauty of flying a hang glider which is the paradox of this (and we suggest many) extreme sports. Our thanks to Will Hine and Clio Francis of for bringing us this story.

‘The fatal flight took off from an area known as The Knoll on the Remarkables this morning and was piloted by an Argentinian Gerardo Bean who was working for the adventure company Skytrek. The passenger was named by police as Andrew Michael Scotland, a volunteer firefighter from Waipu, 41km southeast of Whangarei.

Mr Scotland had been in Queenstown at a fire safety officers’ conference,  he had stayed behind in the tourist town after the conference, along with four others, specifically to take part in the morning’s flight. At about 10.15am the hang glider crashed in Kelvin Heights, a southern suburb of Queenstown. Mr Bean died on impact along with his passenger, Mr Scotland.

Skytrek specialises in guided hang-gliding, allowing tourists to fly with an experienced pilot. According to Skytrek’s website, the company was established in 1992 and has flown more than 39,000 customers. A Civil Aviation Authority investigator was on his way to Queenstown to investigate. There were five witnesses to the crash.

CRASH SITE: Police and firefighters prepare to remove the bodies of two people who died in a hang glider crash near Queenstown this morning.

Compare this tragic scene with the fabulous experience demonstrated in the video from Airadventures which shows a promotional video for of hang gliding at Sao Conrado in Rio de Janeiro which is probably the world’s most beautiful place for hang gliding and has some of the best atmospheric conditions all year round. The take off area is the “Pedra Bonita” (The Pretty Rock), at a height of 1,700 feet (520 meters). The route flies you over a tropical forest called the Tijuca National Park and over the mansions of Rio’s rich and famous before landing on the sand at Sao Conrado’s “Pepino” Beach.

This juxtaposition of the beauty and fear – the paradox – is what seemingly is the great attraction of extreme sports – both for participants who actually experience the adrenaline rush and for spectators who, not surprisingly are watching, waiting and maybe even hoping to see something spectacular. A somewhat macabre thought about the human psyche.

Our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of both Gerardo Bean and Andrew Scotland.


2009 Nissan Outdoor Games – extreme

February 20, 2009

The second edition of the Nissan Outdoor Extreme Winter Games are happening right now in Chamonix.

5 international teams of extreme  sporting professionals have, this week,  been climbing, freeriding, BASE jumping, wingsuit flying and paragliding their way around the valley in an attempt to make the most impressive extreme sports short film.

Do you know what the Nissan Outdoor Games is all about? Here’s a quick video from OutdoorGamesTV to remind you…

The films will combine the skills of the individual athletes as well as the creative talents of the film crew that they work with.

Chamonix, the death-sport capital of the world as it has been described in the past, is the perfect backdrop for Nissan’s second games . This quote, from someone who lived in and loved Chamonix many many years ago, personifies Nissan’s quest:

“The great object of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even        though in pain; it is this craving void which drives us…” Lord Byron

The results will be displayed on a giant screen in the Outdoor Games Village  in the Tourist Office square today, Friday 20th, and Saturday 21st February, and prizes will be awarded for Best Sport’s Sequence, Best Photography and Jury’s Special Award.

There will also be an opportunity to talk to the experts themselves or try your hand at ice climbing, slack-rope walking and the climbing wall.

On Saturday there will also be two air shows combining BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, speed flying, acro-paragliding and hang gliding. The first one will take place at mid-day on the Aiguille du Midi and the second will be above the Grands Montets ski area at 3pm.

Cham will be at her best – difficult when lovers of Chamonix say she is ALWAYS at her best, but Cham has it all this weekend, and with the fantastic snow conditions that Europe has had this season, this year’s films should capture some amazing images of the valley and surrounding regions.

This was the Ride The Planets winner last year, again thanks to OutdoorGamesTV for posting it: