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We’re moving to our new domain!!!

July 9, 2009

So exciting, we have finally matured from a blog to a website! I feel so grown-up! Please don’t desert us, follow this link and we’ll continue where we left off…


Weekend entertainment – bungee jumping at its best!

June 7, 2009

The Kiwis know all about extreme sport having pretty well invented it, and if not exactly ‘invented’ it – they have certainly spent a lot of time and energy perfecting it.

Here’s a great video to give you a bit of a chuckle this bright and sunny Sunday. Thanks to Woodger for posting it.


Hiking the Haute Route traverse between Chamonix and Zermatt

June 5, 2009

Are you looking for the perfect holiday where you can combine your love of extreme sport with adventure? Well then, the Haute Route is for you. Although not exactly an ‘extreme sport’ being a hike rather than a mountain climb, the fact that it takes 12+ days and is a combination of difficult to very difficult trails, we think makes it fit neatly into our catagory.

You might remember that I did an article on the Haute Route several months ago – right in the middle of our winter and therefore a possible area of interest to any skier or snowboarder.

But now with summer upon us, this route is also available to hikers and climbers. It was, after all, first charted as a summer mountaineering route in the mid-19th century by the Alpine Club (UK). It was first successfully traversed on skies in 1911.

Since the ‘Haute Route’ has become a bit of a generic expression for high level, multi-day, hut-to-hut tours, this route is now known as the “Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route”.

If you are thinking of walking the Haute Route this summer, you will need to know that it is a 180 km (108 mi) hike and is normally done in 15 stages, or 12+ days – this is very flexible.

This is not just a route that you can stroll along admiring the magnificent scenery (although of course you will be doing plenty of that). It is a serious mountain hike involving 3 different standards of hiking:

  • gradual ascents or descents along well defined paths or tracks. Suitable for novice walkers.
  • considerable ascents and descents over moderate fell type terrain
  • and strenuous sometimes exposed routes requiring map reading and navigational skills

You start your hike at Chamonix at 1037m, at the lowest level you will descend to 717m  and the highest ascent will be to 2965m – with many  days of ups and downs inbetween!

Haute Route hut

The Haute Route has what is thought to be the greatest collection of four thousand metre peaks in the Alps, it culminates at the foot of the Matterhorn in Zermatt. Mont Blanc will remain in view for much of the hike, but you will also become familiar with other equally impressive peaks such as the Grand Combin, Mont Blanc de Cheilon, Pigne d’Arolla, Dent Blanche, and the Weisshorn.

It is a spectacular walk, but strenuous – crossing eleven passes, many over 2,700 m (9000 feet). While some days will be extremely hard work, there will also be leisurely days where you can bathe in and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. However, you must be very fit and well-prepared for this walk as there are a few very long days over difficult rugged, open terrain.

The hiking trails are generally well graded and well defined which makes for great hiking. There are, however, sections that include mud, snow, loose rock, and scree. There may be a section that includes a 70 foot ladder.

Good luck and enjoy. It will be worth it.


Nudity comes to extreme sports

February 23, 2009

Writing about extreme sports we never imagined we would have to cover the topic of nudity – well read on folks for that is what the people of British Columbia have been doing – taking their clothes off and bearing all as they make one giant leap of faith and bungee jump – all in the name of charity.

The annual naked bungy jump fundraiser for the B.C. Schizophrenia Society at WildPlay’s Bungy Zone south of Nanaimo attracts hundreds of people from as far as New York and Wisconsin. More often than not, nudity takes a backseat to facing the fear of heights or getting an adrenaline rush.

“I have no shame,” said Olympia’s Nick Wenzel after his jump as he stood under the bridge in nothing more than his birthday suit and a pair of sneakers. Wenzel has made the six-hour commute four times to take the naked leap of faith in Nanaimo, but this time he didn’t jump solo. Girlfriend Audrey Norris clutched Wenzel for dear life as they tipped off the plank together, face-to-face, for her first-ever jump.

“It was so much fun,” said Norris, who adds she was more nervous about being cold than anything else.

By early Sunday afternoon, the Bungy Zone had registered more than 160 jumps and raised more than $5,800, beating last year’s donation tally.

Pilots Kevin Teker and Ian Johnson from Seattle brought a cheering crew with them to add to their once-in-a-lifetime experience. The duo saw the event posted on the Internet and Teker said “now that’s got to be one crazy T-shirt.” Teker’s wife painted blue wings on her husband’s upper back before he ascended to his post, where a jump master wrapped his ankles.

“This is about overcoming a personal challenge,” said Teker before he shuffled to the end of the plank, spread his arms and flew into the air.

For Steven Bobowski, WildPlay senior jump master, it was just another day at the office. He’s been helping people take the plunge for 14 years and whether they’re clothed or not, it’s all the same to him.

“It can be the most amazing experience is someone’s life. It’s empowering,” said Bobowski as another bum disappears over the edge. When asked if the nudity bothers him at all he lets out a little laugh. “My guy friends give me a little grief over being around other naked guys, but all I say is eye contact is a beautiful thing.”

Our thanks go to Krista Charke of The Daily News for bringing us this story and also to bcssprov for the video below which shows the action!

In another bungee jumping incident 49-year-old Mark Afforde survived a snapped bungee cord during a jump from a 400-foot high bridge over Canyon Creek, near Yacolt on Thursday, reports . He broke free just as he bottomed out and was only 25 feet over the water.

Afforde’s wife said that it was the only time he’d ever tried the extreme sport and is probably the end of her husband’s thrill-seeking days. Afforde escaped serious injury, only complaining of a sore backside.

Thankfully we can report a happy ending this this territying story but it does demonstrate why bungee jumping has to be considered an extreme sport.








The best 20 bungee jumps in the world

February 9, 2009

Our thanks to sanela who posted this great guide in  to the top 20 places in the world to bungee jump – so good we could make no improvement but knew we just had to let you have this information.

Bungee jumping – dive from the giddy height of a towering fixed structure while an elastic cord secures you and keeps you suspended just inches above the ground level at the end of the leap. What leaves most people breathless during a bungee venture are the rebounds that occur due to the stretching and snapping of the cord. Bungee jumping was first practiced as a rite of passage for the youths of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. Since the modern times, several records have been made and broken by bungee-jumpers world over. The Guinness Book of World Records of the highest bungee jump was by AJ Hackett from Macau Tower of China from an altitude of 233 meters.

Below follows a brief guide on the places to bungee jump

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump01 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA – 1053 ft (321 m)

Hanging above the Arkansas River, this suspended bridge is an all-time favorite bungee-jumping spot because of its amazing height. It spans over the Royal Gorge Route Railway and has a wooden plank-way for a breathtaking walk across the river.


20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump02 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 710 ft (216 m)

This unique highest single span arch bridge adds much to the giddy raptures of bungee jumping. Look ahead to the instructions by the jump experts, the tantalizing countdown before the plunge and the smoothest recoils owing to the pendulum bungee technology that makes it the highest commercial bungee jumping venue internationally.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump03 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland – 721 ft (220 m)

Ever since the famous James Bond stunt in the movie ‘Goldeneye’, this high arch hydroelectric dam has been one of the favorite haunts for bungee jumpers. You require an advance reservation, a medical check and of course, the proper height and weight proportions for stepping into the shoes of 007.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump04 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Corinth Canal, Greece – 260 ft (79 m)

The Corinth Canal works as a connector between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. If you like to plunge down to the canal’s depth, just take a bungee jump from the bridge. This is a regular weekend sport organized by the Zulu Bungy in the summer months.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump05 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Ponte Colossus, Italy – 500 ft (152 m)

You will find this 350 m long bridge awe-inspiring and an inspiring spot for an energetic sport like bungee jumping. It will take you an average of almost 4.5 seconds for the first fall. You need a lot of nerve power to sustain the 100 km/hr vertical velocity of the free fall.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump06 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

The Pipeline Bungy, New Zealand – 335 ft (102 m)

As you undertake the four seconds of free fall from the longest single span suspension bridge over the raging Shotover River, your heart skips a beat. At the close of these four second, you hang dangerously close to the foamy waters only to be secured in a boat and brought to the shore at the end of the oscillations.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump07 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Colorado River, Costa Rica – 279 ft (85 m)

The Colorado River is chiefly the haunt of the hobby fishers though its bridge is an excellent bungee jumping site as well. There are both normal and special all-day long bungee jumping schedules offered by Tropical Bungee to give you diverse ranges of experiences at the highest safety levels.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump08 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

AltaVila Tower, Brasil/BH – 233 ft (71 m)

The Alta Vila Tower of Nova Lima attracts site seers and bungee jumpers alike since it commands a breathtaking view of the mountain-surrounded Belo Horizonte.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump09 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Navajo Bridges, USA – 467 ft (142 m)

Navajo Bridge of Marble Canyon spans across the Colorado River right over the Grand Canyon. The autumnal beauty of its natural setting makes it a lovely bungee jumping spot in late September. The advantage of the superb elevation of the Navajo Bridge is coupled with a unique sense adventure that you associate with bungee jumping.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump10 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Macau Tower, China – 764 ft (233 m)

This 338 m tall tower holds the provisions for an observation deck for relaxing as well as for undertaking daring sports like bungee jumping or ‘sky jumping’ as it actually feels like. It counts among one of the giddiest entertainments that Macau has to offer to its visitors and locals.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump11 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Nevis Highwire Bungy, New Zealand – 440 ft (134 m)

The jump pod overlooking the roaring Nevis River holds an irresistible attraction for the lovers of bungee jumping. This incredible 8.5 seconds of freefall offers you an exciting scope to span the Nevis Valley. Nevis Highwire Bungy shuttles the jumpers to the glass-paneled jump pod to help them have an unforgettable experience.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump12 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – 120 ft ( 37m )

Puerto Vallarta is more than a resort with its countless scopes for adventure sports in its jungles, beaches and cultural getaways. You can accept the allure of the lush-green waters of Banderas Bay by taking a bungee jump from the adjacent cliffs for $55.00 between 10 am to 6 pm. The superior quality of the jumping equipments allows you to enjoy a safe thrill.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump13 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Graskop Gorge, South Africa – 197 ft/262 ft (60 m/80 m)

As a potential bungee jumping site, Graskop Gorge offers you a peerless freefall from a height of 18-19 stories of Foefie slide. As you leap off, the cord will take you across the entire width of the gorge in a single sweep. Catch the spectacular beauty of the Graskop Falls as you trail across in the super-fast zipline like a bird.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump14 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Pont de Ponsonnas, France – 338 ft (103 m)


If you deem suspension bridges as the most exciting bungee jumping spots, this is something you can positively rave about. The old dilapidated Pont de Ponsonnas Bridge has been now replaced by concrete-built arch Ponsonnas Bridge to give you an even safer bungee jumping experience.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump15 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Ledge Urban Bungee, Queenstown NZ – 154 ft ( 47m )

Queenstown offers a perfect combination of wild adventures and serene beauty. The Ledge Urban site is known for its unique runaway jumping style whereby you can catch a glimpse of the nighttime beauty of Queenstown. The bungee harness helps you to adopt any posture during the free fall and enjoy a maddening rush of adrenaline.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump16 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Perrine Bridge, USA – 486 ft (148 m)

You do not need a permit for year round bungee jumping from this bridge connecting the Twin Falls area to the Jerome County. You can find several BASE jumping compeers to share the excitement.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump17 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

The Last Resort, Nepal – 525 ft (160 m)

It gives you a scope to look and jump off from the longest Nepalese suspension bridge across one of the scariest tropical gorges, with the Bhote Kosi River rumbling below. You can remain in air for a long time during your free fall amid the charming valley sights.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump18 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Niouc, Switzerland – 623 ft (190 m)

Niouc holds the record for the highest bungee jumping spot in Europe. Discover the wild side of Switzerland as you go for an entire array of holiday activities, with bungee jumping topping the list.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump19 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Longqing Gorge Bungee, China – 164 ft ( 50m )

With its green mountains, caves and clear water, Longqing Gorge of northeast Yanqing County is an amazing natural spot for trekking and cruising. However, nothing matches up to bungee jumping. Just gear up some courage and take the plunge. Let your friends capture your action in a camera that you can treasure for a lifetime.

20-amazing-places-to-bungee-jump20 20 Amazing Places To Bungee Jump

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia – 500 ft (152 m)

The Victoria Falls Bridge over Zambezi River connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia is reckoned a perfect spot by bungee jumpers to get a close brush of the spraying falls. Once you jump off, the fall may seem to rush up to you at a maddening pace but you can trust the ankle and body harnesses for their full-proof security.

Wow – sure is quite a list and if you have skalped all of these death deying adrenaline rushes we send you a big shout of respect – must be some kind of world record!


Beck’s gets a dunking whilst bungee jumping

December 10, 2008

LA Galaxy and England soccer star David Beckham was dunked in the water when he took a bungee jump off Auckland’s harbour bridge in New Zealand. Becks so enjoyed the jump that he completed the 134 foot plunge twice.

Beckham and his LA Galaxy teamates are in New Zealand on a promotional tour and took some time out for a little leap into the unknown – it was the first time Beckham has tried bungee jumping. Meanwhile his wife Victoria was apparently making an even bigger splash of her own – whilst on a shopping spree in New York!

Thanks to Simon Runting for the photos.

Beckham smiles from his lofty perch

A head for heights: David Beckham doesn’t appear nervous as he gets harnessed up ahead of his jump

His second leap propels him head-first into the water

Splashdown: Beckham is propelled head-first into the water

Beckham is hoisted skywards after his soaking

Drenched but unbowed: Beckham is hoisted skywards after his soaking


The drive to impress women with acts of sheer stupidity is universal

November 26, 2008

This comment amused me – the author had been reading our blog on “is this the world’s tallest bungee jump” and in her various comments made this one:

The drive to impress women with acts of sheer stupidity is universal.

The episode I saw? All about land jumping. That’s the ORIGINAL version of bungee jumping. Only it’s done from vines with very little spring. And the men jump from an eight-foot bamboo tower. Their heads actually hit the ground. Total Penis Contest. If someone plucked these guys out of the jungle, dropped them in the middle of a car dealership, and told them they could have whatever make they’d like … they’d totally choose Monster Trucks and Hummers. The winner of THIS particular contest won a handful of grass, which, judging from the looks on everyone’s faces, seemed just as impressive.

If you want to read more please follow the link below:

All the world’s a jungle. Some places just require less clothing <b>…</b>

Good for a chuckle…