Will war be the only extreme left?

April 15, 2009

We mainly write about extreme sports, whats going on, where, who has done what and when. But what has concerned us recently may ultimately bring an end to all extreme sports. We wrote the other day about the possibility of an extreme landslide on La Palma in the Canary Islands which would cause an extreme tsunami wave the like of which the world would have never seen before and, as was suggested in the research, would cause such devastation, death and destruction to the eastern seaboard of the United States that no-one could afford to ignore the threat.

We thought at the time the idea of a 200 foot wave racing across the Atlantic Ocean at 500 mph sounded pretty far fetched and not surprisingly we received a lot of feed back – some pooh poohing the idea and saying it was a load of poppycock whilst others took a more open minded view and agreed that this possibility was something that could not be discounted.

Well whatever your view, and we thank you for them all, what we write about today is, we feel, even more worrying. It seems to us that mankind is heading for an extreme catastrophe.

We read about there being no more Arctic summer ice cap by 2015 – yes thats right – 2015 – we calculate that is just 6 years away and we didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out. And talking of scientists we heard that the chief scientific adviser to the White House, one John Holdren, in an interview earlier this month with the Associated Press, openly discussed geo-engineering.

The concept of using technology to purposely cool the climate is called geo-engineering. One option raised by Holdren and proposed by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays.

His concern is that the United States and other nations won’t slow global warming fast enough and that several “tipping points” could be fast approaching. Once such milestones are reached, such as complete loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic, it increases chances of “really intolerable consequences,” he said.

He and many experts believe that warming of a few degrees more would lead to disastrous drought conditions and food shortages in some regions, rising seas and more powerful coastal storms in others.

Shooting sulfur particles (like those produced by power plants and volcanoes, for example) into the upper atmosphere is an idea that gained steam when it was proposed by Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen in 2006. It would be “basically mimicking the effect of volcanoes in screening out the incoming sunlight,” Holdren said.

But he said there could be grave side effects. Studies suggest that might include eating away a large chunk of the ozone layer above the poles and causing the Mediterranean and the Mideast to be much drier.

And those are just the predicted problems. Scientists say they worry about side effects that they don’t anticipate.

Just how crazy is this and when you watch the shocking video below from rexsherman the quotation that we picked up is that ‘we are going to have to change our ways’.

So, so pertinent we feel – did you know there are companies selling  genetically modified seeds to impoverished Indian farmers who have to borrow money to buy these vastly more expensive seeds because they will produce ten times the weight of crop – but what they are not told is that a drought will render the crop useless, that they will need fertilizers to feed the crop. The result is that you have an Indian farmer with debts and his family to support and when the drought comes the bank still needs to be paid – is it any wonder that the suicide rate amongst Indian farmers is at a record high.

Last summer we talked about the haze of fog over Beijing during the Olympic Games there – part of that cause is due to desertification – and that desertification can be attributable in part to the increase in the number of goats on the steppes of Mongolia as a result of western demand for cashmere. Of course the answer to the Mongolian farmer is to have more goats – more goats eat more grass leaving the steppes bare and so the great dust storms grow.

And now we come to plastic – OMG – what awful stuff it is – what wonderful stuff it is. Is that a paradox? We think so but look what it is doing to the Pacific Ocean.

So there you have our rant and what is the solution……………mmmmmm not so easy. Are we ever going to have a political leader in a democratic form of government saying we have to change the way we live – nay – regulating that we have to live differently. Do you think that person – he or she – is going to be elected for a second term. Oh no sir, not a chance – we are all far too selfish.

So what is the conclusion, what are the consequences – more drought, more deserts, more food shortages – to us that equals war – a war that will wipe out more than the 2 or 3 million on the eastern seaboard of the US – perhaps a billion or two – lets get the numbers down we hear you shout.

But such a doomsday scenario, although we don’t discount it as rubbish – is not in our nature – note what happened 10 years after the last world depression. Yes our nature believes in mankind, we believe we can stop the pollution, we believe we don’t have to live like we have for the last 100 years – the pendulum of capitalism has swung too far – did you know there was little inflation in the 19th century.

We do not have to get bigger and better every day of our lives – that is only what we have been taught by the economists  – but it is not necessary. We fear the consequences of not changing our ways will be war – we have finite space, we are citizens of the world – remember that – let us share our world.

If we don’t will there be an extreme sport left to play – yes perhaps that is it – only one and that extreme sport will be war.



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  2. I disagree completely about the tsunami, but I agree with you completely about global warming. When are we going to get off our behinds and at least do the easy stuff – like turning things off when we’re not using them.

    March’s National Geographic’s lead artricle is about an American family that tried cutting their carbon emissions. They found that “with little or no hardship and no major cash outlays, we could cut day-to-day emissions of CO2 in half”. But most people won’t even consider trying. What do you bet that in ten years time they’ll be asking why the government didn’t do anything?

    • The problem, Sheila, is, as you say, people’s attitudes. We have all got so used to being told exactly what to do and how that there’s now a whole bunch of people out there who expect someone else to sort out whatever problem arises. I think we have to overthrow the ‘nanny state’ before we’ll ever learn to live on our own two feet again! But well done to that American family – I’d like to read up more about that. Thanks for letting us know.

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