How to hang glide part 3 – for Nicholas Cage

April 4, 2009

We are now ready for take off and again we have turned to expertvillage.com for their excellent instructional videos. As you will appreciate if you have been looking at our blog over the last couple of days these videos are posted mainly for daredevil actor Nicholas Cage who is threatening to strut his stuff in the air rather than on the stage so we hope they are appreciated.

Launching or take off is all about getting the nose of the hang glider at the right angle combined with speed of air over the wing so you are literally pulled into the air as expertvillage demonstrates.

And here expertvillage talk about launching in a light wind, stalling and diving.

Ok so we are now in the air and although we published the video below from expertvillage  in our first blog about how to fly a hang glider a couple of days ago we have included it again – just in case you have forgotten about turning, stalling, increasing speed – its all about the centre of gravity and what your body position will mean to the centre of gravity and therefore how it will affect the flight of the hang glider.

Landing – oh yes an important element – speed, angle, approch – you’d better get it right but this expertvillage video should help.

And to finish off this series of blogs on hang gliding we have posted another video from expertvillage on what you might need to take with you – the hang glider, harness, helmet, warm clothing and of course to start with, your instructor.

Thats about it for the time being – we are very grateful to expertvillage for their videos and if you want to learn more can we suggest you visit their website – the link for which follows – www.expertvillage.com

We hope you have fun and Nick, if you are still there, we would love to hear how you get on in Switzerland.



  1. Why learn in Switzerland when you can learn in the good ole USA. World class instructors can be found locally at Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown NH

    • Good question. Maybe, for some, there’s a caché about going all the way to Switzerland.

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