How to hang glide part 2 – for Nicholas Cage

April 3, 2009
Yesterday we reported that Nicholas Cage is keen to learn how to fly a hang glider and so with the assistance of expertvillage.com we have posted a few videos which we hope will get you and Nicholas up into the air.
We start by learning  how to set up the wings – its not a big deal but does of course have to be done in the right way but as the instructor tells us it is difficult to make a mistake. 


OK so your hang glider is ready to fly – the next lesson from expertvillage demonstrates where the centre of gravity is and what this means when you shift your weight from right to left and therefore what it does to the angle or flight direction of the hang glider. We are still not in the air in this video but it is important to understand the theory.

Right now for control of the hang glider before take off – again from expertvillage – and don’t think you can skip out on this lesson – as we are told until you can demonstarte control of the hang glider which is supported on your shoulders whilst standing, walking, jogging and finally running, without looking at the ground and without tripping over, being blown over and losing you balance you ain’t going nowhere. 

We think that is enough to absorb for one day Nick as we presume you have some lines to learn and dare we say it – you are not really Superman!!


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