Nicholas Cage in a rush to go hang gliding.

April 2, 2009

With news that adrenaline junkie Nicolas Cage is planning to take a break from acting to become a hang gliding pilot we thought he might like a few tips. Cage who is currently in London whilst filming  is desperate to get his wings and has discovered it takes just two weeks to get a licence in the Swiss Alps.

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Well we thought we would provide a helping hand with the video below from rbonvent which is the United States’ Hang Gliding Association production of how to fly a hang glider. Cage has apparently hit a snag – he can’t get insurance to cover the high-risk sport – but we suggest with the proper instruction this need not be the high risk sport that many would have you believe.

Watch the USHGA’s instructional video below – it will give you some confidence.

Cage is no stranger to adrenaline-fuelled activities in the air. He starred in airborne drama Con Air and then played a helicopter pilot in Fire Birds. The actor is also said to be obsessed with Superman, and even gave his son Kal-El the superhero’s birth name on Krypton. After the premiere of Superman Returns, he said: “Each night I have dreams that I’m flying. I’m a real good floater in my sleep.”

Thats OK Nick but this will be the real thing – you simply cannot afford to make a mistake – take lessons from properly qualified instructors and as we have said on numerous occasions about every different kind of extreme sport – you must take your time in learning the art of what you are doing – please don’t rush Nick and remember this is the real thing – you are no more than Clark Kent!


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