Powerboat racing – a massive penis extension?

March 16, 2009

Well that is the question we are left asking ourselves – having done a little bit of research into this exciting and extreme sport we are left asking the question – is this a mere folly or is this one massive penis extension?

You see offshore power boat racing is an amateur sport but understandably because of the speeds involved the sport is run with very srict rules and regulations – the fastest class of boats travel at aroung 200 mph and if accidents do happen, which they do as you will see below, every safeguard needs to be in place to avoid a fatality.

Unfortunately they do happen: who can forget Donald Campbell and Bluebird’s attempt to smash the 300mph barrier on Coniston Water in 1967 (granted Campbell was racing the clock only) and Princess Caroline of Monaco’s husband, Stefano Casiraghi, being killed power boat racing on the French Riviera in 1990.

It is without doubt a dangerous, very dangerous extreme sport.

Probably the largest, most dangerous, and most powerful racing machines of all, the extreme expense of the boats and the fuel required to participate make it an expensive and elite sport.

Many different classes of boats, can compete in individual races, on the same course, at the same time. This may include single or twin piston engine V-bottom boats, single or twin piston engine catamaran style boats, four piston engine boats, and turbine boats.

In Europe, Middle East & Asia, offshore powerboat racing  is regulated by the Dubai based WPPA (World Professional Powerboating Association), which allows the sport to have a bigger variety in engines and props.

2009 race schedule for P1 Powerboat world championship www.powerboat1.com

  • 8 – 10 May – Malta, Valetta

  • 19 – 21 June – Turkey, Istanbul

  • 7 – 9 August – Sweden, Göteborg

  • 11 -13 September – Italy, San Benedetto del Tronto

  • 22 -24 October – Bahrain, Manama

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship – 2009 race schedule www.class-1.com

In the USA offshore powerboat racing is split between the OPA Races, SBI/APBA/UIM races and the OSS races.


Date Location Event
Apr 17-19 2009  Miami Fl  19th Annual Miami Super Boat Grand Prx 
May 15-17 2009  Marathon, Fl  7th Annual Marathon Super Boat Grand Prix 
Jun 05-07 2009  Ft Lauderdale, Fl  5th Annual Ft Lauderdale Super Boat Grand Prix 
Jul 03-05 2009  Sarasota, Fl  25th Annual Suncoast Offshore Super Boat Grand Prix 
Aug 07-09 2009  Michigan City, In  1st Annual Michigan City Super Boat Grand Prix 
Sep 11-13 2009  New York, NY  19th Annual New York Super Boat Grand Prix 
Sep 18-20 2009  Moorehead City, NC  4th Annual Crystal Coast Super Boat Grand Prix 
Oct 02-04 2009  TBA  National Championships 
Nov 08-15 2009  Key West, FL  29th Annual Key West World Championships 


The OSS 2009 race schedule 


Smokin The Sound – Biloxi, Ms
March 26- 29 2009 Web Site
– Clearwater Beach, Fl
April 17- 19 2009  
– Lake Cumberland, Ky
May 15- 17 2009 Web Site
Sunny Isles Beach Offshore Challenge – Sunny Isles Beach, Fl
June 12- 14 2009 Web Site
RUMBLE on Lake Pontchartrain – Kenner, La
July 23- 26 2009 Web Site
Thunder On The Gulf – Orange Beach, Al
August 13- 16 2009 Web Site
The Horny Toad OSS National Championships – Lake Of The Ozarks, Mo
September 25- 27 2009 Web Site
Geico Triple Crown Presents Tropic Thunder – Jupiter/Juno Beach, Fl
October 20- 25 2009








Well as for the action – what can we say – its heart pumping, fast, noisy and……….check out what we are talking about in this video fromfrom airborne camera

……dangerous, yes this extreme sport qualifies as extreme because of the terrible accidents, the fatalities and the need for speed but can we say there is any point or pupose to powerboat racing other than big boys playing with their big toys and showing us how big their cheque books are? We have no argument against individuals doing what they want with their money – it is or should be a free world – its just that we question whether this sport really has any merit. We look forward to hearing the counter argument from you powerboat enthusiasts.

Below is a video from scandagah which shows an accident – thankfully those involved were none the worse for their experience but it does demonstrate the extreme danger these guys face.



  1. Extreme is extreme regardless of money spent. How much does it cost for a high-altitude rack and set up? How about the gear required for any of the skysports? A quiver of boards? F-1 (or any auto racing)? Different levels of $$$, but still lots of them, regardless.

    What point is there to speed climbing in Yosemite? Breath-hold diving to 400 feet? Traveling the world for an endless summer?

    The raison d’etre for risk sports is the activity themselves. Some people do ’em to prove penis size, some because they like the endorphin rush and some — to ostensibly quote Mallory — because it’s there.

    As climber Alex Lowe once said, “The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun.”

    That applies to ALL the risk sports, costs be damned.

    • Well said. Succinct and to the point! your comment will be enjoyed by many. thanks for writing in.

  2. Are the powerboat races at the state park in Lake Hopatcong this year??

    • The only event that I can find that has been organised at Lake Hopatcong so far this year is the following:

      “The Jefferson Arts Committee will host its second annual Lake Hopatcong Boat Parade on Sunday, June 18, 2006 – Father’s Day. Celebrating the incredible boating environment available to the public during the summertime at beautiful Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest lake, participation in the boat parade is free and open to all boaters who would like to join in the festivities. The only parade requirements are that all boats must have motors able to maintain the parade speed of five (5) mph and must maintain a minimum of two (2) boat lengths distance between participating boats. Although decorations are not required, all participants are highly encouraged to decorate their boats in the theme of “Welcome to Summer”.
      The parade will start at the North end of the Lake (off the Mason Street Pub) and all participating boats are asked to congregate there by 11 AM. The parade will take approximately two (2) hours.”

      Not what you were after I think, but it sounds like fun…

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