Snowscoot – the cross between snowboard and BMX

March 2, 2009

We were lucky enough to be in the mountains again this weekend with some great snow to be found in the mountains above the Val d’Allos – as we watched the pistes from our chairlift we saw something new – something bobbing its way down the steepest of mountains and going at break neck speed – not a snowboarder, not a skier – wait a minute that thing has handle bars and yet it is on a snowboard – it was, we discovered later, a snowscoot – the result of marrying a snowboard with a BMX.

What incredible fun it looks – you are able to experience the same sensations of snowboarding, riding a scooter and riding a BMX all at the same time. The snowscoot is the brainchild of Frenchman Frank Pitou who in the mid 1990s developed the concept of riding down a mountain on a scooter.

The first video from 8ogcrew below will demonstrate what we are talking about in a better fashion than our humble words can describe – thank goodness for Youtube. It shows the great manoeuverability of the snowscoot – how you can jump, slalom, race and scoot in any conditions.

Yes thats right, any conditions – smoothly bashed pistes to powder fresh snow and the steeper the mountain the better. The snowscoot consists of two skis, the front one being the same width as a snowboard but not much more than 35cms in length, and it is this ski which gives you the ability to turn so very sharply.  The back board is narrower, being no more than the width of a monoski, but it is of course longer – the whole snowscoot being approximately 1.60 metres and weighing in at 9 to 13 kgs ( 20 to 30 pounds).

We only saw one of these snowscoots the whole weekend so it is not like we are going to be swept off the mountains by this latest toy but if it does take off – like snowboarding did 15 years ago – then you can expect to see a few more.


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