Drag racer brain dead about his 280mph crash

February 27, 2009

Drag racing – the zenith of extreme sports?  And a sport we have not often talked about – something we decided to change having done a little research and watched the video below from ProModFil which shows an unbelievable and horrific crash at 280 mph from which the driver survived but suffered CRAFT.

So what is drag racing? Our friends from Wikipedia put it quite simply – a competition in which vehicles compete to be the first to cross a set finish line, usually from a dead stop, and in a straight line. In other words you go flat out!

But within the sport there is a myriad of jargon, organisations – the two major ones in North America being the  National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), classes – both professional and non professional, and a glossary that would fill a dictionary. Don’t worry guys – we’re going to keep it simple!

The fastest cars can attain terminal speeds of over 530 km/h (329 mph) while covering the quarter mile (440 yard) distance in roughly 4.45 seconds. It is often related that dragsters are the fastest accelerating vehicles on earth; quicker even than the space shuttle launch vehicle or a catapult-assisted jet fighter at launch.

Before each race each driver is allowed to perform a ‘burnout’ which heats the tires and lays rubber down at the beginning of the track, therebye improving traction, he or she then lines up, or ‘stages’, at the starting line.

Professional drag races are started electronically, with a series of vertically-arranged lights known as a Christmas Tree – in itself a performance and where racers can often be disqualified by trying to jump the gun.

The race has three measurements taken:

  • reaction time – the time from the green light illuminating to the vehicle leaving the starting line
  • elapsed time – the time from the vehicle leaving the starting line to crossing the finish line
  • speed – indicates the approximate maximum speed of the vehicle during the run and is measured by a speed gun near the finish line

The winner is the first vehicle to cross the finish line.

Now this first video of Jerry Caminito’s crash does not really show the racing element so we have decided to add another video which is a compilation of drag racing, often presumed by the uninitiated to be a preserve of North Americans – but there is now a thriving and growing following of the sport in Europe and the South Africans have long been nuts about this extreme. The video comes from mannyrego.

Oh and if you are still wondering what CRAFT is……..Can’t Remember A F……….Thing! We know what you mean Jerry.


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