Sabah Eco-Challenge Adventure Race in Borneo

February 19, 2009

The sport of Adventure Racing is sweeping the world at a phenomenal rate. It is one of the most extreme competitions for a team to challenge, but it is because of these challenges that adventure racing has grown so rapidly in popularity over the last few years.

It helps that it is an easy cross-over for any sportsmen looking for the ultimate challenge.

The other extremely important factor about Adventure Racing is that it is a team sport. A team can vary from 2 to 5 persons. This is an essential element to the competition – the way the team works together. It is far more important than individual achievement.

Adventure Racing is one of the few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory. The challenges that arise during any one race will test both your mental and physical endurance.

The Sabah Adventure Challenge 2009 begins on the 10th April, 2009 in Borneo and finishes on the 12th. This is a 3 day adventure race, the longest running, multi-day adventure race in South East Asia. Teams may choose between the Adventure or Extreme Categories of the race and compete in teams of 3 participants, either mixed, or all male or all female.

The disciplines included will be trail running/walking, mountain trek/run, ropework, navigation, mountain biking, river kayak, sea kayak, swimming, whitewater rafting, rafting and a mystery discipline.

There is certainly enough there to keep anyone from getting bored!

This is a volunteer organised race and will be the 10th time it has been run in Borneo.

If you are interested in taking up the challenge be warned that entry is limited to 30 teams and will be on a first come first served basis – as always.

Some things that you can look forward to from earlier Sabah Eco-Challenge Adventure Races, with thanks to ibor22 for posting them.

And if you really are just interested in going around the world from one adventure race to another, you might like to know that there is an earlier race in Chili from the 29th March – 4th April… known as the Atacama Crossing.  This is a 7-day, 6 stage, 250km foot race.



  1. How can one register with Borneo challenge 2009?

    • If you Google Sabah Adventure Challenge 2009 you will be able to find the registration page. We’d love it if you would let us know how it went! Best of luck…

  2. hey anyone looking for a partner for the race .. do let me know ..im looking for one . email me at roger_870806@hotmail.com

    • Best of luck. Hope you find someone – I can include your info in an article if you want so more people will see it? Let me know if you want me to…

  3. Hello, I am trying to find someone who has Eco challenge videos that I can purchase. Can you help me? Thanks

    • I’ll look into it and get back to you if I find anything Lynne.

    • Hey Lynne I have Eco Challenge: BC, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Borneo on my pc. Some are better quality than others. I downloaded them off isohunt.com You need utorrent. So just google utorrent, download for free, then go to isohunt.com or minonova.com and search Eco Challenge and download. Good luck. If you know a way I can send them from my pc to you, I will do it, for free of course. Cheers

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