San Diego man dies from fatal motorcross injuries

February 11, 2009

We bring the very sad news that motocross star Jeremy Lusk has died of head injuries two days after crashing while trying to land a backflip in an extreme sports competition in Costa Rica.

He was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and survived a 4 1/2-hour surgery to help remedy the problem and reduce swelling in his brain. He was then placed into a medically induced coma but never regained consciousness.

Lusk won a gold medal at the 2008 X Games. He was injured Saturday night when he failed to complete a full rotation while attempting a “Hart Attack” backflip and slammed headfirst into the dirt. Lusk crashed in almost identical fashion in the freestyle semifinals at the 2007 X Games but was unhurt.

Lush had a successful 2008 season, winning freestyle gold at the X games and silver in Best Trick when he landed the first double-grab “Hart Attack” backflip. He won a bronze helmet in freestyle at the Moto X World Championships in his hometown of San Diego.

Lusk is survived by his wife, Lauren – we send her our most sincere condolences.


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