Extreme abuse of the law

January 13, 2009

Today we went riding – it was a perfect Provencal morning, white frost on the ground and as the sun rose the sky turned an azur so bright and clear – how very lucky we are.

As we rode round the fields of vines, still dark and dormant, shy of their spring time flush, we reflected on extreme sports in relation to riding the horse. Riding around the countryside could not be considered extreme but racing and three day eventing certainly have their fare share of fatalities and then we thought of fox hunting – another sport that could be considered extreme for a number of reasons.

It is to England that we now turn as over the Christmas holidays we went to the ‘meet’ of the local pack of foxhounds. There was a good crowd, of perhaps 100 people on horseback and maybe as many as 500 onlookers.

But wait a moment – wasn’t hunting the fox with hounds made illegal some years ago? Indeed it was, after five debates in parliament – whereas starting a war in another country was not debated once – and a protest march through the streets of London attracted over 400,000 law abiding suppoters – the current government did indeed ban the hunting of the fox with a pack of hounds.

But at the meet that we attended we counted no fewer than 31 hounds, or 15 and a half couple, as hunting folk count them and later that day we heard they had ‘chopped’ two foxes.

This must surely be an extreme abuse of the law.

But is good government not to look after the interests of minorities? Most definitely or do those in the UK live in an autocracy. Perhaps it was the Prime Minister succumbing to conjugal pressures, an extreme abuse of power. The relatives of those soldiers returning in bodybags from some war would no dobt concur.

Whatever it was you would have to agree that it was an extremely bad piece of legislation – people are out there now showing the government one finger and in effect saying ‘we are above that law’ , and why should they worry when the Chief Constable of the police force in the county where the hunt took place has been quoted as saying ‘ we do not have the resources to police this activity’ – tantamount to turning a blind eye.

No wonder that people are apathetic about politcs – what a bloody waste of time, money and LIVES.

The video below from SouthbankSteve puts the case rather well – extreme abuse and extreme stupidity: is that what British politics has become?


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