Snowkiting, snowboarding and kitesurfing???

December 20, 2008

Did you read our blog two days ago? … How similar (or otherwise) is snowkiting to kitesurfing on water?

We have shown some classic instances in the past of when one or other (snowboarding and kitesurfing) goes wrong – well, snowkiting is relatively new on our blog and here is another classic … although happily no-one appears injured, and thanks to BUZZZZ101 for posting it.

Although a bit noisy I think you can put it down to fear, concern and relief!

I’ve been into a forum re. this video and the general opinion is that it is genuine – there are no no edits and no sped-up digital moments! Lucky he held on!!!



  1. Wow that was insane! There was a very similar video of a kitesurfer who had the same thing happen to him. You don’t hold on to these kites, you wear a harness and lock in to them. There are pulls that release you if in danger but obviously he was too slow to get to it and was then flying. Checkout this discussion and videos in our forum!


  2. thats why people fly kites!

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