OMG – horrific snowboarding tragedy

December 10, 2008

OMG – this is truly awful, you will gasp when you see it, if it is genuine, which it looks……..then RIP.

Come on guys – just  switch it on before something crazy like this happens, we understand that accidents come hand in hand with extreme sports but there are too many that are unnecessary – let this frightening video from sotalx be a lesson.

We expect the extreme but not the casualties – is that a contradiction in terms?


One comment

  1. Nah that’s got to be bogus, there’s no reflection in the windscreen plus the lorry looks like ‘my first 3D model’, that and the dynamics of board flying away are real simplistic!

    That said I remember watching Whacked Out Sports loads and never remember seeing anything fake before … Hope I’m right about it being fake, most of the comments on the Youtube clip agree with me!

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