Something all Adventure Racers will be interested in…

December 1, 2008

Southern Traverse New Zealand kindly sent me the following news alert:

The launch of a new adventure Television Station

“This year the organisation of the Estoril Portugal XPD Race decided to
innovate. In addition to XPD Trakker, which allows us to know the location
of each team in real time, it launched a experimental project of real TV.

This project – XPD Race TV – allows everyone around the world, to watch
this outstanding adventure in real time through the web site
www.portugalxpdrace.pt . The adrenaline will not only be felt in the field,
but also in the house of every spectator.

The website has multiple TV contents that will help the viewer to have a
closer relationship with the race. Some part of the program will be
previous recordings on the characteristics, location and the athletes who
will compete in the race, but most of the content consists on live images
taken from the field and studio images. This will give viewers the
opportunity to follow team tracks, see the photos and watch the live feed
on our online tv channel.

The organisation also has a studio team, who will conduct interviews and
diagnosis of the day as well as prognosis of what to expect in the
following hours.

Regular news times – perhaps three times  a day – the morning news at 0900,
afternoon news and a evening wrap up. For viewers who miss the ‘live’
news they will be able to watch the video replays at their leisure

Fans may also learn more details of this race by reading the articles
published in Portuguese and English, along the competition. These articles
will be updated almost every hour.

With all the options available there is no excuse for you not to join us at
the XPD adventure.”

Released by XPD Portugal



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