About as hard core as it gets

November 17, 2008

The final installment of the Jeb Corliss story – this video from excalibour88 shows Corliss basejumping from that same bridge, over the Royal River Gorge, just a year after his buddy Dwain Weston had his final fatal journey and crashed into the bridge being killed immediately.

Flipping in different directions, forwards and backwards, Corliss seemed to lose control as he nearly hit the canyon wall – in his own words, ‘I was as close to the wall as you can get without touching it…..if I had pulled (the parachute) a second later I would have gone in’.

Corliss goes on to talk about his view and opinion of both base jumping and life, ‘it is who we are, it is what we are, if I die doing something i love it is not throwing my life away………I don’t believe you can push life too far, if you stop pushing you become stagnant and die……you must evolve…….find what it is you love to do then go do it.’

Powerful words from a man who certainly follows in his own creed. Who knows where or how the story will end. We started this series of blogs reporting that Jeb Corliss wanted to be the first man to land from a wingsuit flight without deploying a parachute, tomorrow we will bring further news on this latest venture.


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