The Legend’s last jump on the last day – whatever happens happens

November 16, 2008

Yesterday we wrote about the craziest base jumper on the planet, a man who had completed over 1200 base jumps with hardly a scratch to his name, a man who always like to push the envelope that little bit further.

In October 2003 Dwain Weston with his buddy Jeb Corliss would attempt to fly over (Weston) and under (Corliss) the Royal River Gorge suspension bridge in Colorado, at over 1,000 feet the highest in the world.

It was to be the last jump that Weston would ever make, as the two men were about to jump from their aircraft above the canyon Weston turned to Corliss and said ‘Whatever happens happens’.

Seconds later and in trying to push that envelope that little bit further he crashed into the bridge at 120mph and was killed instantly – his body broken and smashed drifted down into the canyon on his parachute. Corliss landed, covered in Weston’s blood and with his severed leg on the ground next to him.

The frightening, graphic and shocking video of the event is shown below from excalibour88


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