Nissan outdoor games 2009

November 15, 2008

A big shout goes out to all extreme sports enthusiasts to attend the 2009 Nissan Outdoor Games which will be held at Chamonix, France from Saturday 14th February to Friday 29th February.

The concept is to create a 5-minute film uniting 5 outdoor sports activities: Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Paragliding & Hang gliding, Skiing, BASE Jumping & Wingsuit flying. The world’s best specialists in each discipline utilize their creativity and sense of adaptation to present their sport and their level of performance to enrich a scenario.

The teams will have 7 days (from Saturday February 14th to Friday February 20th, 6pm) to film and edit a short 5-minute film: a definite challenge. All teams will be working on the same playground, the massive Mont Blanc mountain range.

It will be a lot of fun as can be seen from the video of the 2008 event which can be seen below – thanks anton9393 – so why don’t you get your boney butts down there.



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