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Anne Quéméré has successfully sailed into the sunset.

November 6, 2008

I am 2 days late getting this news off to you, but Anne Quéméré, the ultimate extreme sports’ adventurer, has successfully cast off and has set sail on her epic solo kite voyage from San Francisco to Taihiti. She left on Tuesday, 4th November at 10.32 a.m. local time.

She was towed to the Departure point which was under the Golden Gate Bridge.  From there she was left to start the launch on her own, this meant pumping the kite boarders, launching the various lines, lifting anchor and finally raising the kite. All this took about 45 minsutes and  then she really was “on her way”.

There was bright ‘Frisco sunshine and perfect weather conditions with a 20 – 25 knot North by Northwest wind which is expected to hold for the next three days. Her direction is 123° west which should keep her out of range of the cargo routes..

The wait had been worth it.

Good luck and bon voyage… and we will follow her 7000km journey with anticipation.

You can visit her site directly if you wish – She intends to update it every 2 days. The crossing is expected to take 5 – 6 weeks.


Hintertuxer – an extreme sport destination

November 6, 2008

Yesterday I talked about skiing at Hintertuxer. What I didn’t realise is that this place is a veritable extreme sport wonderland and so fits neatly into the extreme vacation bracket! They have so much to offer from wintersports to climbing, ice climbing, cave exploration, hiking, mountain bike trails…. the list goes on. There is even an exclusive summer adventure park for children.

Regardless of preference; skiers, boarders, walkers, day trippers, extreme sports enthusiasts and nature lovers will be hooked.

On a holiday in Hintertuxer you can try something completely different – explore the Spannagelhöhle for exampleat 10kms long it is without doubt the largest cave in the entire Alp region and the highest showcave in Europe.

Dip into its fascinating world of ancient rock formation with shafts and narrow passageways of marble and limestone.

Or you can try ice climbing – this is a novel way to experience the Hintertuxer Glacier.

Assisted with crampons and ice picks, you can attack the challenging routes of ice. Helmets, ropes and safety equipment are standard equipment on all tours. Intrepid climbers also have the opportunity to abseil down into breathtaking glacier crevices.

Eisklettern am Hintertuxer Gletscher

Alternatively you can look for a mountain to climb – and here you will find the Olperer Ascent. At 3,476 m above sea level the Olperer mountain towers over the slopes of the Hintertuxer Glacier. It is the highest mountain in the Tuxer Alps and takes around 2 hrs to scale. There are magnificent views from the summit.

Betterpark is a snowboarder’s paradise. It is next to the Olperer drag ligt and is an internationally renowned meeting place for world famous boarders to practice their freestyle tricks and ride the glacier’s perfectly groomed pistes. The Park offers pikes, jumps, wave rides and boxen.

Ultra-keen alpine enthusiasts can try out extreme cross country ski tours on the Hohen Riffler (3228 metres above sea level), or the Kleegruben at the Hintertuxer Glacier.

The Hintertuxer Glacier is Austria’s only all year round ski region.

There is also paragliding, ice skating and curling on offer, plus 3 toboggan runs – 12kms! It’s a real adventure playground.

And last but not least, mountain biking. The Zillertal Valley offers world-class bike riding from forest network to alpine style. The Zillertal Valley presents over800kms of biking trails for every level of expertise.

And finally, for the children the Gletscherflohpark at the Sommerberg has everything one could possibly want to keep the kids happily occupied for hours. At 3,250mabove sea level, on a bed of eternal ice, children can be found spinning around on the snow tyre carousel, or whizzing down the bob run on an inflatable ring. There is also a climbing wall, pedal go-carts, bouncing castle, giant gondola, bob run, snow ball fights and more. The park allows free entry for all children up to the age of 10. Easy access for prams, and open for hours of fun from July until September.

Plan Flohpark

And just to give you an idea of the quality of skiing watch this video. Thank you to Filibb for posting it.