William and Harry enjoying a tough new challenge

October 23, 2008

William and Harry are taking part in a charity motorcycle marathon across South Africa. A 1,500km, 8-day ride through a thousand miles of hazardous mountain terrain, crossing game reserves and tribal areas.  A Clarence House spokesman said yesterday: ‘The princes are looking forward to taking part in this arduous motorcycle ride.’

It was Harry who came up with the idea for the ride to raise money for charities including Sentebale, which he set up in their mother’s memory, and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Enduro Africa supports UNICEF’s campaign Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS. Its key aim is to ensure that pregnant women who are HIV-positive receive the right medicine and are to prevent them passing the virus on to their babies. The expedition has been arranged by adventure specialists Global Enduro.


The adventure is being organised by Enduro Africa, which provides participants with Honda CRF 230s – light 200cc trail bikes that are easy to manoeuvre. The princes will each be part of a small group of riders during the day but meet up with the other 80 or so participants each night.

Each rider on the trip – including the princes – has donated a minimum of £1,500 to take part in the event. The group is set to raise more than £300,000 for charity.

Princes William and Harry

Organiser Simon Smith said yesterday: ‘at night they are going to struggle to get off their bikes as the pain will be so bad. It is a very dangerous route and they will undoubtedly collect a fair few bumps and bruises along the way.’

Sadly for them police protection officers will have to accompany them at all times. People complain about ‘taxpayers money’ – but perhaps, since they give every moment of their lives to the public, and not only those moments when they are ‘on duty’, but their most private moments too – to the taxpayer – perhaps they are entitled to some attempts at freedom and fun, aren’t they? We all expect it as our right – why shouldn’t they hope for a moment here and there? and why shouldn’t we allow it? And why we have to grouse about it every time they do do something that borders on ‘fun’ (even if it is , as in this case, for a good cause) I have yet to understand. God forbid they have any fun… is that what the taxpayer really thinks?

Well, that’s my grouse for the day – but I wouldn’t swap my life with those two young men for anything … for a start I haven’t the patience!


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