The World’s Best Cataract Diver – Di Huanran

October 22, 2008


On 21st September, 2008,  Di Huanran made this record breaking dive over Diaoshuiloua Waterfall in northeast China’s Jingpo (or Jingbo) Lake. He was awarded the Guinness World Record certificate for the highest cataract dive after this dramatic leap. To China he is their ‘best cliff diver’.

As a matter of interest, in September 2006, Jingpo Lake was evaluated by UNESCO and became a world geopark. Diaoshuilou Waterfall, which resembles the Niagara Waterfall in America, is located at the northern end of Jingpo Lake. This splendid fall, twenty-five meters high and forty-three meters wide, thunders down a precipice to a deep pool below. In the rainy season the width extends to more than 200m.


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