Have you heard of New Zealand’s latest adrenaline thrill?

October 16, 2008


Ever heard of that? Quite possibly not. It’s New Zealand’s latest extreme sport… adrenaline kick…whatever you’d like to call it.

Do you know what it entails?  Well, it’s fairly self-explanatory – windmill spinning. What else could that mean but to have yourself strapped to a windmill sail and spun around 360* (degrees)… as Dave Pilgrim, of the Foxton Windmill Trust from North Island says, “A lot of people come to New Zealand to do things like bungee jumping. It has become a thrill-adventure destination. This will provide the country with a new extreme sports attraction,”

“We do not want someone flying off. It has to be safe, fun and SCARY enough for people to want to have a go,” he adds.

Engineers, at this moment, are working out how fast the sails should rotate and ensuring the design adheres to all health and safety regulations.

When strapped to the windmill sails, riders will enjoy views over the Manwatu Plains, coastal scenery and mountain ranges. Riders will have the option of being strapped on upside down… for the added thrill of being able to get a right-way-up-view from the top of the windmill!

Will this catch on?


Foxton Windmill, New Zealand.


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