The Current World Record Holder for Free Diving

September 17, 2008

These freedivers must be extroadinary men and have amazing sets of lungs. Yesterday I was waxing lyrical about Patick Musimu, but somebody very quickly pointed out that his record had in fact been beaten – 2 years later by an Austrian freediver and part time pilot, Herbert Nitsch who has held world records in seven of the eight apnea free-diving disciplines recognised by AIDA International and in 2007 was the current holder of three of the eight.

So, apologies to Nitsch, and congratulations to both men for their achievements.

Nitsch now holds the No Limits record, the prestigious title of “Deepest man on Earth” in which the diver can make use of a weighted sled to descend as far as possible and uses an air-filled balloon to return to the surface. Nitsch set the world record in Spetses, Greece in June 2007 when he descended to 214 m, beating his own record set the previous year at 183 m.

Herbert Nitsch

Nitsch worked hard in 2007. Not only did he set the record for the No Limit dive but he also set the Constant weight (No Fins) record during The Triple Depth in Dahab, Egypt, and went on to push the Constant record to 112m during the World Championships in Sharm. He also won the AIDA Individual World Championships.

This youtube is of Nitschs’ previous 183m personal record. I could not find one of his world record dive.




  1. What was he doing in the video, the last few seconds before his dive. Looked like he was breathing so fast to almost hyperventilate? Any idea?

    • It’s called ‘packing’. Have a look at my latest freediving article on 24th March – it explains how and why they do it.

  2. how many minutes was he under water ??

    • Herbert Nitsch was given the prestigious title of The Deepest Man on Earth, when he set the current world record for free-diving at an incredible depth of 214 metres in 2007.He has held his breath over 9 minutes and has depth records, descending to 112 meters self-propelled and 214 meters (700 feet) with a sled. He claimed the Static Apnea record of 9:04 minutes in Hurghadah, Egypt in December 2006. This was later beaten by 4 secs in 2007 by Tom Sietas of Germany.
      However, I am unable to find, anywhere, how long he, or any other diver, takes to descend into the depths.
      They are competing at this moment (infact they are still training in situ) but gearing themselves up for the forthcoming competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.
      When the competition is over I will ask…

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