Kite surfers extreme stupidity

August 25, 2008

Although we are deeply sorry for what happened to Kevin we and a number of other reporters of this incident believe that Kevin had totally failed to switch on his brain when he decided to go kite surfing at Fort Lauderdale last week on the day that tropical storm Fay came on shore.

Come on guys – it upsets us that we have to write too often about a fatal accident or near fatal accident but really the notion of kite surfing in a tropical storm should be a no brainer – but I’m afraid there are some people like Kevin for whom even a ‘no brainer’ is not sufficient – and why should the ‘state’ nanny us more than they do already.

I have not been able to find any news on Kevin’s current condition, but will report if there is any development – as can be seen on the YouTube video from fatimajamil5 below, Kevin, not surprisingly is in a critical condition – we do wish him a full and speedy recovery.

And so we have posted this blog to show you just what can happen when you try and play with the forces of mother nature – wind speed after all is one of the golden rules of kite surfing – know it and respect it.

Check out the vid – poor bloke.


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