A ‘Bolt’ Out of The Blue

August 21, 2008

Our congatulations to Usain Bolt for his incredible record 200m run of 19.30 seconds, thus breaking the venerable record set by Michael Jonhson 12 years ago.

Officially he won an incredible 0.66 second lead over Crawford (or 0.52 second lead over Martina), – about four body lengths, the biggest margin in an Olympic 200.

What an apt name for this superb athlete. I wonder if his parents ever imagined, some 22 years ago, that he was going to be a Bolt in name and a ‘bolt’ of lightning?!

But otherwise this superb race seems to have been marred with wrangles. Churandy Martina of the Dutch Antilles has been stripped of his Olympic 200m silver medal after the US team’s protest that he had run out of his lane was upheld.

The move deprives the Dutch Antilles of their first ever Olympic track and field medal, and sees 2004 Olympic champion Shawn Crawford of the United States take silver behind Jamaican Usain Bolt.

The US team had initially protested the disqualification of third American runner Wallace Spearmon, who had finished in bronze-medal position behind Bolt and Martina. But they ultimately accepted the decision that Spearmon had in fact crossed lanes.

To his credit, Crawford does not seem to have been over the moon about his silver medal , which he won at the expense of his fellow runner. “It feels like a charity case,” he said.

And, since we’re still in Zimbabwe, we must congratulate the Zimbabwean Brian Dzingai for being up there with the top 9 fastest 200m runners in the world. Although he didn’t get a medal he knows he is one of the fastest men over 200m. That must be a good feeling.


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