World’s deepest swimming pool

August 12, 2008

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool – Purpose Built for Diving

Nemo33 - Brussels, BelgiumWhere would you imagine cruising around at 105 feet (33 meters) in warm (91F/33C) crystal clear tropical waters? The Bahamas or Fiji perhaps? How about Belgium? Though not in a typical tropical diving location, you can now do just that at Nemo33, a new swimming pool in Brussels, Belgium that is purpose built for scuba diving.

Containing a whopping 2.5 million liters (660,430 gallons) of spring water, and reaching a depth of 33 meters (105 feet), Nemo33 is the world’s deepest swimming pool. However, it’s more than just a deep swimming pool, it’s a scuba diving paradise that was built with the scuba diver in mind. Nemo33 has multiple levels for training and even features tunnels with breathing air so that instructors can talk to their students without having to surface.

Located in central Brussels, Nemo33 is incredibly convenient and really is the perfect scuba training and practice facility. I’d love to see more of these spread around the world – just imagine how many new divers could fall in love with the underwater world with one of these in every major city.

Thanks to Nicholas McLaren of About.com for this article. For a visual I’ve added this YouTube clip by nsknt – so perhaps you ain’t gonna see too many fish but its got to be a great training ‘ground’.


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