Bravo for Australia Opting Out of Olympic Ceremonies and Out of Beijing’s Deadly Smog!

July 17, 2008

Stephen Fox of Sante Fe Sun News has finished another major article and has asked us to again share it with you [title: Australia Only Nation Taking Seriously Medical Effects of Events like Marathon, Triathlon, and Cycling in Beijing Smog; Training Camp in Hong Kong, Athletes Flown in Just for Event, and Hats off to Australia, the Only Participating Nation that Seems to Realize what Smog Does to Mitochondria, Lungs, and Nervous Systems!]. It is posted at Transworldnews.com, and was written in appreciation for Australia’s Olympic Committee removing training camps to Hong Kong, to protect athletes’ health, flying them in only for the events themselves. Somebody DOWN UNDER understands how smog can kill and injure endurance athletes!

This is posted at:


I would be grateful if you could send it on to friends, athletes, family, and colleagues interested in health and in international relations.

Within that article is Jacques Rogge’s contact information, so you can, if you agree with removing Marathon, Triathlon, and Cycling from Beijing Smog, communicate directly to the top leaders in the International Olympic Committee (Rogge is the President of the IOC, whose comments recently in Lausanne Switzerland denying concerns on smog and athletes’ health amount to the kind of approach the swindlers and soothsayers took in the “Emperor’s New Clothes.”


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