More on Our Plummeting Dollar

July 16, 2008

Well, we went away last week having managed to change one American dollar for 30 billion Zimbabwe ones – and on our return discovered that one week after we had changed our money, a friend had changed one American for 80 billion.

Can you imagine trying to run a supermarket under these conditions? Any type of shop for that matter. No matter how much you anticipate I wonder whether a profit is ever made nowadays.

Another friend stocked the teachers and parents bar at a school on Friday afternoon. Following Sports Day on Saturday all thirsty adults headed to the bar where she was selling a beer for 40 billion. Somebody called her aside and said – “hey, this is too cheap, I bought beers today for 55 billion.” So she upped the price for the second round to 60 billion. Nobody complains. This is par for the course in Zimbabwe today. Truth be told they were just glad to be able to GET a beer! The next morning when she arrived at her suppliers door to replace the beers – the price had gone to 70 billion. Another loss notched up…

10 days ago I bought a packet of bacon for 225 billion dollars. 2 days ago (ie: 8 days later) my sister-in-law bought the same size packet of bacon for 1,057 trillion each!

Calculators don’t help any more – you can’t fit that many noughts on it! And I know I know, I can hear you mutter “just leave out the noughts for heavens’ sake” – the problem is that there are so MANY noughts that you need to see them to make sure you have the right figure there!

My brother-in-law did his first quadrillion purchase yesterday – get your mind around that one!


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