Is this the highest bungee jump in the world?

July 12, 2008

Thanks to Hobbymaster of outdoorhobbies.org for this article describing the highest bungee jump in the world – sure looks as though it would get the adrenaline flowing.

Located in Southeast Asia, Macau offers the highest bungee jump in the world. Macau Tower - Bungy JumpingThere, you can have the opportunity to throw yourself off of the Macau Tower, a height which is approximately 764 feet (233m). This is an experience which you will most likely never forget– and it must be experienced first-hand in order to be fully appreciated.

If you are seeking the very best in true thrills and excitement, the Macau Tower is surely the place to go for your bungee jumping! In addition to being the highest jump, this particular experience has the added factor of allowing the jumper to fall very close to the concrete tower itself during your descent downward. This factor has the dual purpose of both assessing your speed and creating an increased adrenalin flow. Your plummeting speed will reach approximately 200km/hr; and at the end of your ride on a fifty-meter cord, you will be thirty meters from the ground. There is probably nothing else that you will ever do in your entire lifetime that can ever compare to the adrenalin rush you will get from bungee jumping off the Macau Tower. Their word for this experience– “extreme”– is undoubtedly a very accurate description.

The A.J. Hackett Macau Tower was opened to the public in December, 2006. Launched and overseen by A.J. Hackett, who first invented the sport of bungee jumping more than two decades ago, the Macau Tower bungee jump experience does contain a number of very important safety precautions. His group has developed a special cord system which ensures, among other things, the even distribution of weight during the jumping. Jumpers also wear a safety harness with dual attachment points for their protection.

In addition, prospective jumpers must meet height, weight, and basic health requirements, as well as being properly informed in advance as to the potential risks of the bungee jumping. For the sake of their own safety, pregnant women, and children under thirteen years of age, are not allowed to participate in this activity. The prospective jumper is required to sign a waiver stating that he or she is aware of these risks before being allowed to jump.

To commemorate your amazing experience, you will be provided with a membership card, photos, a DVD, and a special Jumpers Edition t-shirt. If you sign up for your bungee jumping experience with the A. J. Hackett Group, you will also receive a ten-percent discount at many of Macau’s local restaurants, fifty-percent off your second and third jumps, and your fourth jump will be free. Membership will also entitle you to a twenty-percent discount at all of A. J. Hackett’s worldwide adventure locations.

If all of this interests you, you should go to the adventure capital of Southeast Asia for the most unforgettable bungee jumping experience of a lifetime. You can request more information or book your trip through the A.J. Hackett Group. After you arrive in Hong Kong, you will take a one-hour ferry ride to Macau– and be prepared for an extreme experience!

I’ve added this video below of what actually happens – thanks to MacauBungy01 for this which I found on YouTube.



  1. hi do u have the official site for this? i wanna try this. and how much does it cost?

  2. Hi Celine,
    To find out more about the Macau jump you need to go onto A.J. Hackett Group’s website. Just google it and you will find out all the details. This jump is the highest commercial bungee jump, but it is not strictly speaking pure bungee – instead it is what is referred to as a ‘Decelerator-Descent’ jump. The highest commercial real jumps would therefore be the bridge at Bloukrans, South Africa and the Verzasca Dam, Switzerland as the jumps are pure freefall swinging bungee from a single cord, while the Macau Tower jump has a secondary cable which controls descent and trajectory, thereby failing to take the place in the record books.
    You will see that I have done several blogs on bungee jumping in September.
    Which ever you do – have fun!

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