First for kitesurfers in Hawaii

July 9, 2008

Bringing news of a first in the kite surfing world – from Maui to Oahu, eight kitesurfers will be in the air and on the waves for the first ever kite surfing channel crossing between the two islands on July 26th/27th.

The crossing will cover over 100 miles and take two days to complete. The non-competitive sporting event will start at Hookipa beach, Maui and head to Kaunakakai, Molokai and then finish in Kailua, Oahu.

The leader of the expedition is kiteboarding veteran Paul Franco. When it comes to the dangers involved in the event he said, “The route is treacherous, the wind can really nuke at one moment and then back off the next.”

For the kiteboarder out at sea there is always the chance of encountering sharks. According to Franco a previous crossing event got uncomfortably close to some shark “feeding frenzies”.

“You definitely don’t want the wind to die off when you’re near those areas,” he said.

For safety purposes, support boats will be following the kiteboarders during the July crossing, but Franco is hopeful all the support he needs is a good strong wind.

Not quite sure how this journey can take two days, after all the record for a 12 hour kite surfing distance is, I believe, 325 kms (203 miles) but whatever – I hope they have a safe and successful safari.



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  2. Thanks for the writeup! We are planning to break the event into two days for purposes of safety–the big swells in the channels get quite taxing on the legs!

    However if it looks like the wind will be bad on one of those days, we could just go for it and do it all in a day. Stay tuned! HawaiiKiteCrossing.com

  3. Good luck Aaron and hope it’s a breeze! Would love to hear back from you as to how it went…

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