Peashooting – an extreme sport?

July 1, 2008

Ian from Hampshire asked this question of us the other day:

Peashooting is an extreme sport. Do we have any local championships in dorset,hampshire or the Isle of Wight?

My experience of peashooting comes from Christmas dinner and New Year parties when the French and peashooting really comes into its own.

Formally mild-mannered friends display a streak of viciousness hitherto unsuspected. Deadly peas torpedo their way across the room and some poor unsuspecting person receives the equivalent of a wasp sting behind the left ear. And the air rains with the coloured balls. Extreme sport I don’t know about, but extremely competitive I am sure of!

Although great fun, and occasionally extremely painful, I had no idea that it was a sport that had championship status! Apologies to Ian and all peashooters out there! But a brief sojourn on Google has shown me many unusual championships in England, but only one for peashooting. 

The World Peashooting Championships on the Village Green in Witchim, Ely on the 14th July. Entrance fee is £1.00 for adults, and £0.50 for children.

“The World Peashooting Championship is the main event of the day and attracts competitors from across the world. Now in its 36th year, the championships are becoming seriously hi-tech resulting in a Specialist Category being devised to cope with the fantastically innovative peashooters participants manage to dream up; doNOWdo’s personal favourite is the laser-guided peashooter. A word of warning though to any madcap inventors out there, the traditionalists almost invariably win-out so it will have to be a seriously special shooter to claim the crown.

Anyone is welcome to enter and peashooters can be bought for £1, there’s also a practice area for last minute fine tuning.”

For further information please contact http://witchim.org.uk

Times On-Line covers this same weekend as follows:

Witcham, Cambridgeshire

Who needs the Olympics? If the fancy takes you, you can spend the entire summer practising eccentric English sports: worm-charming in Willaston, Cheshire (June 28); snail-racing in Congham, Norfolk (July 19); orange-rolling in Totnes, Devon (August 21); black-pudding throwing in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester (September 14) …

The World Peashooting Championships, however, beats the lot for homespun charm. Staged on Witcham village green since 1971, it is open to all-comers. Competitors contest the John Tyson Shield, named after the local schoolmaster who confiscated the peashooter that started it all.

Peas are puffed from 12ft at a 12in target, and entrants flock from as far afield as America and Australia, some brandishing laser-sighted shooters. The event also features a barbecue, a bouncy castle and bric-a-brac stalls, but it’s the peashooting that really gets the, ahem, pulses racing.”

However, I am aware that this is still a grand distance from Dorset or the Isle of Wight. But I’m afraid I can’t find anything closer to home Ian. Garlic competitions, egg-throwing ones, even green nettle competitions – but no more peashooting championships. Looks like you’ll have to go up to Witchim…


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  1. Thanks for the information. I might just give it a go.

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