News from Zimbabwe

June 23, 2008

As a reader of this column you may be aware that my business partner in this venture of http://www.xtremesport4u.com has gone on her annual holiday with her husband and children to Zimbabwe. They arrived on Thursday of last week when I received an email saying ‘people were being cut up and burnt’. Just what you want I thought – as you step out onto the veranda to bag your place by the pool – with a bit of luck the bloke who took my place yesterday will have had his head cut off and so there will be no problem getting that place in the shade!

But sadly this is no laughing matter – events over the weekend have led to the opposition party withdrawing their candidate from the election. Whether this is the right thing to do I do not know but the consequences are that anarchy rules. There are gangs, with 40 to 50 hoodlums, roaming around attacking , beating, breaking, cutting and in some instances killing individuals because they are from a different political party. It is anarchy and as was reported in an email I received today ‘the fear is palpable’ – which the OED defines as: ‘as certain or obvious as if verified by touch’.

And what can be done about the situation? Certainly I am not impressed with the West’s pathetic rhetoric – but then I hear you shout – but there is no oil in Zimbabwe – you cynic! What of Zimbabwe’s neighbours – apparently as limp wristed as the West – so we all stand by and let the wretched people sort out their own problems (sic Darfur)?

I like to think about the great country that Zimbabwe was and will be and pray that these troubles are over before you read this report – we must think positively and believe in a brighter and better future for this great country. Hopefully my partner will be able to give you more details of this extreme situation as and when she can find a computer or telephone line that works. The pictures below show the very real terror that is life in Zimbabwe.

Bhekilifa Mafu and Njabulo Ndlovu,MDC activists axed by Militias,they were dumped by villagers at Victoria Falls hospital.

Manyika Kashiri’s foot axed. He is an MDC activist from Chigumbu village in Uzumba.


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