Land of Milk and Honey

June 17, 2008

Land of Milk and Honey did I say? I don’t think so. Our extreme vacation is about to start and we are more than a little nervous.

If you are following the news at all you will have seen that Zimbabwe’s ruling government is determined to stay in power – despite losing the elections – and that fear and terror reign supreme there.

And this is the maelstrom we are walking into.

And yet, in a few days time, we shall be witnesssing scenes like this:

elephants at Kariba

And this:

sunset on Kariba

Or this:

A word of warning to the starving...

It is going to be an interesting trip! Watch this space…

In the meantime, and while I keep you updated on things about and other than Zimbabwe, the other half of Lola – yes, she is two people, will be here in Europe for a while and then will be crossing the big pond heading in the direction of New York. From there he will meander down the coast and I am hoping he might take his interest in wingsuit flying to a new level!


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