Michel Fournier, Sky Diver, Won’t Jump Into Space – At Least Not Today

June 3, 2008

“Michael Fournier – primed and ready to jump into space (www.shortnews.com) and most likely the record books for “fastest and longest free fall, the highest parachute jump and the highest balloon flight” – experienced a major glitch: The $200,000.00 balloon floated away.

The 64 year old Fournier, was supposed to take off Monday, May 26, but had to postpone due to weather. Now that his finances are supposedly exhausted, it’s hard to know when or if he will have a future attempt.

Fournier is a former army paratrooper who’s jumped more than 8,000 times. This jump would have been “three times higher than a commercial jetliner,” which is about 4 times higher than Mt Everest.

This must be a massive disappointment to Fournier – and a confused tale for everyone. Last I heard he was meant to be jumping today…

Let’s see what tomorrow’s news’ brings – and good luck to Fournier if he gets another chance.


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