To be extreme, or not to be extreme – that is the question!

April 24, 2008

Or it may just be a rip off of some long gone genius of the 16th/17th century, better known as William Shakespeare! – no it poses a serious question. WHat you do does not actually have to be extreme in the sense that you know what is behind this blog – extreme sports – but the question i pose is more base – do you in this 21st century – do or not – sport i mean. It seems to me that in this extremely privileged world that we in the west are lucky enough to inhabit this internet revolution, and here i should include TV, is having a massive effect on the way we live. More than ever there would appear to be a distinctive division between those who do and those who don’t – participate in sport i mean. Who am i to determine whether this is a good thing or bad, what will be the consequences of this internet revolution – will there be a massive hangover? I guess I feel there are too many hours being spent by too many people in front of some form of visual display unit or another rather than being out there keeping one of our most prcious organs, the heart, well and healthy. I’m not saying that what you do ‘out there’ has to be extreme, that is for those who like to live their lives slighty closer to the edge than most normal balanced people – and that gives us all enjoyment, whether you are ‘out there’ or in front of your VDU – but i really hope that the power of the VDU drug is not so addictive as to make us all rather impersonal and probably unhealthy. The great thing about the above is that i realise that I’m becoming a hypocrite and if there is one person i despise in life it would have to be the hypocrite – oh well I’ll just have to go and ride a cow round Aintree tomorrow – only joking!


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