What is xtreme?

March 17, 2008

This question of the definition of extreme intrigues me – here are a couple of suggestions kindly provided by the free online dictionary:

Most remote in any direction; outermost or farthest (as an adjective);

The greatest or utmost degree or point (as a noun).

So in the context of ‘extreme sport’ the definition of extreme being used as the adjective is very appropriate……but i believe it is much more than just the ‘outermost’ or ‘farthest’. What is it that makes folks jump off cliffs, ride down vertical mountains with nothing more than a piece of wood strapped to their feet, dive into oceans where the great white lurks. Every time i find a new story, or even experience one of these extreme sports i ask myself ……’for what is it that i search?’ It is more than just the adrenaline trip or the adulation and attention you receive from on-lookers.

Well yes……………..all these elements and emotions are triggered by involvement in the various sports, to a varying degree, depending on which of the extreme sports you are involved with, but it is more than this – that something which is totally intangible, beyond where the conscious normally rests. It is a state of mind that takes you away from the conscious, that leaves you with a state of mind of being invincible, a lightness and euphoria never before experienced, you are free and intoxicated, not by any artificial stimulant or halucinogenic – no you are simply high on life. If this sounds too corny it probably is, but hey ….i wouldn’t swap that state of mind for anything or anybody.

come on guys, join the gang, get a life…..live! and if you would like to share your experiences, both actual and mental, i would love to hear from you – have a great day


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