DARTS – who said darts aren’t extreme?!

March 1, 2008

I am sure Andy won’t mind that I have ‘blogged’ his story – what a great game they must have had.

“just got to tell someone about what happened last night – i bobbed round to have a drink with a mate and so we had a game of arrows (darts) – now i know this sport may not be xtreme, apart perhaps from the quantity of ale supped by the enthusiastic supporters, but listen up cos it came to the last game, the score being 1 game each, my mate was on 80 and i had 82, up i stepped to the oche, first a 20, then 60, leaving me with a double 1 to finish the game and match. the tension was incredible, the non existent crowd were totally silent, the arrow flew through the air as though it had been launched by Robin Hood himself, and sure enough landed in the double 1 – game over with a three arrow finish. i’ve never done that before and probably never will again – so as you can tell i’m so xcited about this occurence that i felt i had to let the world know!! have a great day”

Way to go Andy. Keep us informed of the next match. And thanks for sharing your extreme talent with us!


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