A Continuation of Yesterday’s Musings…

February 15, 2008

So yesterday I thought it was all about getting your ‘ollie’ right, now I learn that perhaps equipment has just a little bit to do with it too….

Burton and Noboard are proud to present the NoFish. Say yes to the no: it’s not a snowboard, it’s a Noboard. Based off a hybrid Burton Fish shape, the NEW NoFish is a board that combines speed, control and float with the freedom to move your feet, similar to the sensation of riding a skateboard or surfboard.
The original Burton Fish, co-created eight years ago by Terje Haakonsen and Burton Testing Supervisor John “JG Gerndt, allowed for a smaller board to be ridden in deep powder due to its unique shape. The NoFish takes that concept one step further by replacing the traditional snowboard bindings with an engineered rubber composite pad that sits 3mm into the recessed topsheet. The board is a softer-flexing Fish hybrid that combines some elements of the Burton Fish, Malolo and Piranha shapes into one. The rope, a nylon bungee cord used to pull the board closer to the feet for control, can also be dropped for surf style riding.

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