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Extreme sports

January 31, 2008

How much do you know about extreme sports?

“We do these things not to escape life, but to prevent life escaping us” says Bob Drury, a paraglider.

Extreme sports are no more “extreme” than traditional activities played at a much higher level. It might even be said that the distinction between an extreme sport and a conventional one has as much to do with good marketing rather than the levels of danger involved or the amount of adrenaline generated. If this wasn’t the case surely rugby union should be termed an extreme sport!

Did you know that when the term “extreme sport” first surfaced in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s it was used for adult specific sports including scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky diving etc. However, nowadays the term applies more to youth sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. A feature of all these activities is the adrenaline rush experienced by the participants although some extreme sport enthusiasts claim that it is more about developing their physical and mental skills, seeking mastery of their chosen environment and a desire to escape from the mundaneness of day-to-day life.

What do you think? We are delving into this subject in more depth on our site xtreme sport 4 u. Please feel free to visit and make some comments on our forum or here on our blog. We would love input from enthusiasts, anxious parents (!) or people related to the topic in other ways…


Kite Surfing is THE Top Extreme Sport

January 30, 2008

In a national survey commissioned by AKSA (American Kite Surfing Association) kite surfing, a relatively new sport in North America, is ranked as the top extreme sport! According to Logan Long, a co-founder of AKSA, “it’s just .. the biggest adrenaline rush available”, and Cathi Long, another co-founder, adds  “kite surfers are simply the sexiest athletes”!

Kite surfing is so hip at the moment that a day’s kite surfing is even being auctioned at this year’s Grand St. Valentine’s Ball in the west of England. If you want further details on this venue just ask and we can supply them…


Extreme Sport including kitesurfing, scuba diving etc.

January 29, 2008

This is the beginning of what will be a fabulous new site on extreme sports of all kinds. We are starting with a selection of 10: kitesurfing, hang gliding, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, sky diving, potholing or cave exploration, wingsuit flying (REALLY extreme!), snow boarding and bungee jumping.
Please participate in our poll as we are doing market research to determine the most popular extreme sport and please let us know if there are any glaring omissions!
Our website is in the process of being built. It will report on each of the extreme sports covered, giving instructional information on “how to…” and “where to…”. It will give information on what equipment is required (with links to sites from which the equipment can be bought), and will provide information on what competitions etc. are taking place around the world.
Thank you for dropping in. Please add your comments as we are really interested in feedback particularly from participants of the various extreme sports. As much as anything we really want this to be a fun site and with your help it will be…..
If anyone wants to put articles on our site with useful information this too can be discussed as long as the information is relevant.
You can find us at xtremesport4u but bear in mind that this site is under construction so please bookmark and check again next week.